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Animus Box Advert 2

Nightstalker Games has released the 2nd Edition of the exciting card-drafting battle game, Animus. This new edition features better streamlined rules, new character abilities and comes with a full color saddle-stitched rulebook and full color game box. Animus is available for purchase here: Animus

Animus Box Advert

FREE PLAY!  For a LIMITED time, you can download a FREE version here!:   Animus Free Print & Play

Additionally, a stand-alone expansion set has been also released, Animus: Battle for Wesnoth

This expansion set can be played alone or combined with the original set. Grab your copy here, today!

FREE PLAY!  What? You want to try it first? Ok, for a LIMITED time, you can ALSO get it FREE!: Animus: Battle for Wesnoth Free Print & Play

Animus Wesnoth Box Advert

Animus Wesnoth Box Advert 2

So what are you waiting for? Get a copy today and start playing! Don’t forget to tell your friends and please be sure to give the game a rating on the purchase site.


Chasing Pipe Dreams

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ideas are nothing if not realized.


I found a great article here about chasing after your dreams. It talks about how one person can sprout an idea and have it grow with hard work and perseverance. They say the key to happiness is doing what you love. I like to believe that. Here is the article:  Pipe Dreams – Written by Mathias McMeel

Dragon Blast: Battlestorm has published a review of our new game: Dragon Blast: Battlestorm!

See what they though of it here:  Noobsource – Reviews for the Everyday Gamer.


Our grab bags were so popular that you bought out the original bunch we created in only 3 days. I’m pleased to say that we’ve put together another lot of them, so if you missed out the first time you can pick some up again. We’ll continue to put out new bags as we have parts to fill them.

from The Game Crafter News


Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a gush of new business. October 2012 is our best month ever by a very large margin. That said, the gush of new business has slowed our production times a little. We’re at about a 10 day turn around time rather than our usual 5 day window. 

To remedy this, we have brought a couple new pieces of equipment online, and hired two additional crafters. We know that fast turn around times are very important to you, and we’re striving to be back in the five day window in the next week or perhaps two, so that we can get your Christmas orders out the door as quickly as possible.

If our turn around time is of concern to you, you can always check on how things are going by looking at our status page, before you order, or looking at your online receipt after you order.

Thank you for your patience. 

from The Game Crafter News


“The single hardest lesson I learned is not letting perfectionism become a roadblock to success.”

Doug Bass of Meridae Games (@MeridaeGames)

from The Game Crafter News


Just in time for Halloween, we’re pleased to announce our new line of zombie miniatures. We’ve got your basic shambler (pictured below) for only 19 cents, and then we’ve got the nine boss zombies (pictured above) for 90 cents each. We trust you’ll do the right thing and make some amazing zombie games with these new miniatures!

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!

from The Game Crafter News

I had the pleasure of meeting designer Michael R. Keller at the very first Unpub Mini event at Redcap’s Corner in Philadelphia in April of 2012. Michael brought a fairly complex but utterly engrossing game called Municipality to the event. Fast forward serveral months, the name has changed and the […]

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Medium Booklets are now available. They measure 3.5 x 5 inches and fit nicely into the well of a Medium Game Box. Just like our other booklets they have a max of 20 pages and cost 20 cents per page.

Download the templates to get started.


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Quick tips for things to consider when testing for balance:

  • Take notes throughout, but act upon the final result.
  • Good balance isn’t just fairness, but an approximately equal set of choices.
  • Always keep your design goals in mind.
  • Test with the same data before making changes.
  • Balance testing cannot truly begin until the mechanics are completed.

from The Game Crafter News