Fallen Order Card & Dice Game

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The apocalyptic battle of Good versus Evil!

Will you fight for Good and save the universe?
Will you battle for Evil and destroy existence?

Finalist in the IcePack Games Challenge Contest!: http://icepackgames.com/IPG/contest.html

It is the end of the world. The prophesied apocalypse is happening and the final battle between Good and Evil will decide the fate of the universe. Governments and social order have all fallen apart and the barriers of reality are broken. Great fissures have opened up across the earth, opening up gateways to Hell. Demons have come forth to destroy humanity. The weak ones inhabit corpses creating flesh-eating zombies while the more powerful ones create destructive nightmarish forms. A small group of people find themselves up against this unearthly evil and must find a way to band together despite their conflicting personalities. Fortunately for them, the skies have opened up, revealing the Gates to Heaven. Warrior Angels descend to provide assistance but the battle is to be decided by the people. If Good wins, Hell can be closed forever and everlasting peace will reign. The Demons refuse to be trapped in Hell for eternity and prefer to destroy existence. If they can devour enough souls, Good, and the universe along with it, will be eradicated.

Choose a side and battle it out in this action-packed, dice and card game!

As Evil, you will command an unrelenting stream of zombies while bringing forth powerful demons to wage total destruction.

As Good, you must put together a motley crew of bickering humans and equip them with weapons to battle the evil demons. Call upon Angelic warriors to help turn the tide of battle!

Watch a video demo of this game: Fallen Order Game Demo

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