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My name is Eriberto Rodriguez and I am an independent game designer and founder of a new game company called Nightstalker Games. The goal of this company is to bring you high quality games from unknown designers that are obscured in the shadows of large game corporations. Those big guys won’t even look at your hard work unless you are an industry “insider”. Here we aim to promote the unknown talents of artists, writers and other designers. We are the Nightstalkers, quietly working our art in the dark hoping someday to be seen and heard. This is a small operation currently but with your support we can become large enough to give the unknowns a chance to see daylight.  I have just released my first game called Wild Pursuit!

I never thought that I’d get this far.  I used to be a supervisor at a very large casino and I absolutely loved my job. I was down on the gaming floor and interacted with many employees and patrons. I felt lucky that I had the rare blessing of having a job that I loved. It was hard at times but it was a fun environment and I had a lot of respect from my co-workers and customers.  That all came to an end when, due to the struggling economy, the company was forced to lay people off. They chose who to let go by attendance, and because I had missed some work time because of a bad back injury, I was one of the victims. I was crushed and felt lost. I had worked there for nearly 10 years. To take my mind off things I started to tinker around with some game ideas that I had when I was a kid.

I grew up in the south Bronx in New York and my family was very poor. We couldn’t afford to buy many toys or games, so I used to just come up with my own games. I continued to do this all through my teen years but eventually stopped when I had to “grow-up”.  I did all those grown up things like college, work, marriage, kids, divorce and putting kid stuff behind.

So suddenly thrust out into the cold, I thought about those times that I had nothing and made something.  For 20 years I had kept all my old drawings and diagrams and I felt happy to still have them. Then the proverbial light bulb went on in my head. Could other people enjoy this as much as I do? Nice idea, but with the cost of starting a business, printing costs, shipping, marketing…it seemed like just a pipe dream.

Then I found http://www.thegamecrafter.com and saw a chance to make an old dream come true. Suddenly, my crazy idea seemed possible. It felt ok to dream a little again. Could I take something so far-fetched and give it life? So I’ve worked hard through pain and tears and my first game was born. I’m not stopping there either. There are more games brewing back here and with your support, they will see the light of day very soon. I hope that through this I can also help others that have unrealized ideas and talents. Thank you all for being there for me.

Contact Us at:  Nightstalkergames@gmail.com

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