Dragon Blast: Unleashed!

Dragon Blast is a Super Powered, Martial Arts Combat Card Game AND Board Game!

Dragon Blast: Unleashed!

It is a time of impending war. Canastile is a land divided by several clans all vying to be the ruling power. Clan Whitedragon is currently the ruling family but their champion warrior has been assassinated. Sensing weakness, the other clans are poised to strike and become the new ruling clan. Before war is engaged, the clans settle their disputes by having their champions battle. These warriors are trained to harness their inner energy to unleash incredibly powerful attacks.  Since the loss of their champion, Clan Whitedragon may have no choice but to enter war to protect their lands and their position.

  Ryukyu Tokushima

Orphaned as a child, Ryukyu was found and taken in by Shoten, an old, martial arts master. He trained him to be not only a powerful warrior but also a compassionate protector of the weak.  Shoten became ill and eventually died, but not before he informed Ryukyu of a younger sister. Ryukyu wandered the land searching for his sister, helping others and improving his skills.  He found that she was taken in by the Whitedragon Clan and they were reunited. While there, he met and fell in love with Karita Whitedragon, daughter of the clan’s leader. Her father would only give her hand in marriage to the one who could prove to be the champion warrior the clan needs.  Ryukyu decides to face the champions of the other clans to prove his worth.

  Vando Yakenza

Vando is the son of Jojima, leader of the Yakenza Clan. The Yakenza Clan constantly challenges the strength of the Whitedragon Clan and seeks to weaken and usurp them any chance they get. Vando has trained and fought countless opponents from a very young age. His wealthy clan has afforded him the finest training available. To Vando, victory in battle is more important than his own life. He will go to any lengths and stretch any rules to win in combat. He is short on mercy and will obliterate an opponent at the first opportunity. Upon hearing of the assassination of the champion of the Whitedragon Clan, he quickly issued a challenge to any fighters. He was surprised when Ryukyu stepped up and answered the call. Canastile was rocked with the epic confrontation as the two battled. Their fight was never finished as champions from the other clans jumped in, hoping to best them while they were tired. Vando had never been fought to a standstill by one such as Ryukyu and has vowed to vanquish him.

  Jaquio Malditto

Jaquio was the champion of the ill-fated Malditto Clan. The small but powerful clan was destroyed when a horrible pestilence ravaged their people. The Tanaka Clan attacked and destroyed them in their weakened state.  Jaquio was away answering a challenge and returned to find his clan was no more. He wandered aimlessly from town to town drinking himself into a stupor and getting into meaningless bar brawls. Even drunk, most fighters could not beat him. That all changed when one day Ryukyu came passing through.  Jaquio sensed the great power within him and tried to goad Ryukyu into a street fight. Deep down, Jaquio wished that someone would beat and kill him to put him out of his misery. He never met anyone who was up to the task. Ryukyu would not oblige him so he attacked and forced Ryukyu to defend himself. Ryukyu fought back with all his might and the thought of losing gave Jaquio new life. He had forgotten the thrill of fighting an equal opponent. He realized that instead of punishing himself for failing to save his clan, he should be searching for Koudin and the Tanaka Clan and Ryukyu reminded him that it was not his fault. They stopped their battle and had a new found respect for each other. Jaquio decided that he would rebuild his clan and they both decided to meet again on the battlefield someday.

  Koudin Tanaka

The Tanaka Clan has been shrouded in mystery and whispered rumors. It is believed that the clan communes with dark powers and are intent on spreading evil. What is known is that they are ruthless and will use anything they can to destroy the other clans. The prevailing rumor is that they used a dark power to spread a pestilence on the Malditto Clan to make them easier to conquer. Koudin exemplifies his clan in combat. He is cold and calculating; examining all aspects of his opponents and the battlefield to use everything to his advantage. He rose among the ranks by killing the former champion of the Tanaka Clan and claiming the title himself. He will used dirty tricks and underhanded schemes to defeat opponents. During the raid of the Malditto Clan, he lured their champion, Jaquio, away by issuing a challenge to him. Koudin planned to kill Jaquio while his clan was being destroyed but had not counted on how powerful Jaquio was. They fought to a standstill and to bring a conclusion to the fight, Koudin informed Jaquio that his fight was meaningless because his clan was being destroyed. Jaquio rushed back home to find that Koudin was correct. Koudin has been training himself to become stronger and searches for Jaquio to finish off the last member of the clan.

  Krizia Yakaya

The Yakaya Clan are peaceful and try to keep peace among the clans. That is what they would have everyone believe.  In reality, the clan is a secret organization of spies and assassins.  When Ryukyu stepped up to fight for the Whitedragon Clan, the Yakaya elders sensed his strength and decided he should be eliminated. Krizia was dispatched to kill Ryukyu. She found Ryukyu and befriended him. Her plan was to gain his trust and then kill him when his guard was down.  She tried to get him to fall in love with her by trying to keep him away from Karita Whitedragon. Her plan backfired when she found herself madly infatuated with him. Eventually she couldn’t bring herself to finish her mission and instead grew jealous of Karita and tried to kill her. Ryukyu caught her in the act and stopped her. In an anguished rage, she finally decided to kill him not for her mission but to keep anyone else from having him. She almost succeeded but was stopped when Vando interrupted their battle. He claimed that it would be he and not anyone else that would be the one to destroy Ryukyu. Krizia fled, vowing to get Ryukyu and eliminating anyone who would get in her way.

  Mythia Makatan

The Makatan Clan was a small, weak clan and were on the verge of being eliminated by the other clans. They never could master the art of harnessing their inner energy. That all changed when the clan learned to harness psychic powers and use them as attacks and to influence the minds of others.  Inner energy called Ki, involves mastery over the body whereas psychic energy is mastery of the mind.  Mythia was the first to learn to combine inner and psychic energy to become a formidable fighter. She became not only the clan’s champion but also its leader. To strengthen her clan, she decided to recruit Jaquio, since his clan was gone. She offered him gifts and promises of power and wealth. He staunchly refused, remarking that his clan was not dead so long as he lived. She declared that if he wouldn’t join, then he would die and she sent her minions after him. One by one and in groups, Jaquio defeated her lackeys and challenged her directly. She accepted his challenge and the two met in a fierce battle to the death. Koudin saw an opportunity to destroy two of his enemies in one shot. He surprised them both by launching a tremendous blast of energy while they were engaged in battle. To survive the blast, Jaquio and Mythia had to combine their powers to defend themselves. Thwarted, Koudin sent in dark spirits to finish them while he retreated. He knew he could not defeat both of them at once. The two fighters were forced to work together to fend off the dark spirits. After defeating the spirits, Mythia told Jaquio he had earned a stay of execution but that she would destroy him the next time they met. He vowed to be ready to meet her challenge.

Written by Eriberto Rodriguez

Dragon Blast and all characters herein are trademarks and property of Nightstalker Games. All Rights Reserved.

© 2011 Nightstalker Games / Eriberto Rodriguez

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