Old Master – Dragon Blast Game Scenario

Dragon Blast is a Super Powered, Martial Arts Combat Card Game AND Board Game!

Old Master

A cooperative scenario for Dragon Blast

Author: David Bradshaw

Created: February 2011


The Old Master looked around the dojo.  He had trained many fine kung fu fighters, but these ones were special.  Each of them had a different style, but each had mastered the art of focused chi energy.  He was very proud of them.  He told them often that they were his best students ever, but in the back of his mind he always remembered another group of students, many years ago who, had equalled these – if not surpassed them.

Those students were no more.  He had failed them.  His training had been insufficient to prepare them for the day when the Black Lotus assassins had attacked.  In the prime of his strength he had just barely survived to protect the Sacred Scrolls of Kung Fu from falling into the hands of evil, but every one of his students had perished in his defense.  Many years had passed since that day, and old age now weighed heavily on his physical frame despite the power of chi which still flowed through him.

Suddenly alert, the Old Master felt a shift in the flow of chi.  He had sensed this once before, but previously he had not recognised it until it was too late.  This time he knew.  He walked slowly to the north wall, opened the ornate golden box enshrined there, and withdrew the sacred scrolls.

“My students.  It is time for us to leave.”


Old Master is a scenario for Dragon Blast, designed for three to five players.  One player controls the ninjas attacking the dojo, while the other players control the heroes who work together to project the old master as he escapes.  You will need the Dragon Blast game, plus a handful of counters or pawns to use for the ninjas and the old master (chess pieces will work, or borrow pieces from any of your other games).



  • The Heroes win when the Old Master reaches any corner of the board.
  • The Ninjas win if the Old Master receives any damage (he’s very frail, you know).



  • Use the “Dojo” game board and place the player tokens anywhere inside the dojo.
  • Remove the Super Power Attack cards from the deck and deal them one per Hero player face up near the game board; discard the remainder.
  • Place the Old Master pawn inside the dojo at the center of the north wall (that is, the wall furthest from the two doors).
  • The Ninja player places a Red Spirit Token in any two corners of the board to show the breaches in the outer wall where ninjas can pour through (these tokens do not block movement).
  • Set aside 10 Ninja pawns.



Use the regular Dragon Blast rules with the following variations:


  • The Ninja player has the first turn.  On your turn you:

◦      Draw cards up to your maximum hand size.  On your first turn, your hand size is 1.  On your second turn, your hand size is 2, and so on, up to a maximum hand size of 10.

◦      Spawn Ninjas.  Every turn you can spawn 2 Ninjas plus 1 Ninja per Hero (so if there are two Heroes, you spawn 4 Ninjas), split between the spawn points in any way you want.  You must place them as close as possible to the spawn points.  You cannot have more than 10 Ninjas in play at the same time.

◦      Move all your Ninjas up to 3 squares each, in any order.  You may discard a card from your hand the give one ninja the ability to pass through walls for the rest of the turn.  (Discard one card per Ninja who wants to walk through walls.)

◦      Attack with your Ninjas, in any order.  Ninjas have a strength 10 physical attack at range 1, or a strength 10 energy attack at range 2.  You cannot use the energy attack at range 1. The energy attack can go through other Ninjas, but cannot go through walls.  The target Hero can play a defense card as normal to respond to the attack. You may play attack cards from your hand to make extra attacks with the Ninjas, but each Ninja can use only use 1 attack card per turn.

◦      At the end of your turn, you may discard as many cards as you want.

◦      Special: Defending the Old Master.  The Old Master does not receive any defense cards. Instead, if the Old Master is attacked by a Ninja, any Hero player may play a defense card from his hand on behalf of the Old Master.  The Old Master does not receive the benefit of any attribute bonuses that the Hero may have.  However, he is very skilful despite his advanced age: The Old Master can play multiple defense cards and add them together to defend against a single attack.  The Hero receives 1 Red spirit token for every defense card played on behalf of the Old Master.

▪      Note: A Hero who is stunned cannot play defense cards on behalf of the Old Master.

  • The Heros play next.  They can take their turns in any order, but each Hero must complete his turn before the next Hero acts.

◦      During your turn you may move the Old Master 1 square, but once the Old Master has been moved by one Hero he cannot move again until the next round (i.e. after the Ninja player has had a turn).

◦      You may attack the Ninjas as normal by playing attack cards.  Each Ninja gets one free defense at strength 10 (against either Physical or Energy), and they are eliminated if they receive any damage.  For example, you can eliminate a Ninja with a 15 damage attack, or by playing any two attacks in a row (since the Ninja only gets one free defense against each Hero).  The Ninja player may also play defense cards from his hand to make a Ninja defend.  Each Ninja can benefit from only one defense card in each Hero’s turn, in addition to their free defense.  The Hero receives one Blue Spirit Point for each Ninja they eliminate.

◦      If you are Super Powered you may use any of the face-up Super Attack cards.  When you do so, flip that card face down so that it cannot be used again this game.

  • Once all Hero players have had their turn, it is the Ninja player’s turn again.  This continues until either the Old Master is defeated or escapes.

◦      To rate how well the Heroes did, score 9 points if the Old Master escaped minus 1 point per stun token received by the Heroes.


House Rules

  • When a Hero is knocked back into a wall, he suffers an extra 5 damage.
  • When a Hero is Super Powered, he can attack through and move through walls.



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