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Animus is a small, two-player card game inspired by fighting video games and turn-based monster combat RPGs. The game has players drafting a team of 9 unique characters from a spanning multiverse to compete while leading their team with one of 6 large Entity cards.

Each time you play you’ll draft only a few cards out of the larger pool of cards available in the entire game. Every match will have a completely new roster!

“Attempting to rule the universe, mysterious entities sought the power of the Singularity. Their tampering caused it to erupt and scatter its power across time and space. Across the multiverse, various beings were infused with parts of this power. Now they seek to gather this power for their own avaricious desires. As one of these entities, you must now gather your forces and fulfill your destiny.”

NOT A CCG! Everything in one set. No need to purchase anything extra.

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