Hidden Temple – Dragon Blast Game Scenario

Dragon Blast is a Super Powered, Martial Arts Combat Card Game AND Board Game!

Hidden Temple

A cooperative scenario for Dragon Blast

Author: David Bradshaw

Created: February 2011

Download as PDF: Dragon Blast – Hidden Temple Scenario

Vando rested against a crumbling stone pillar, breathing hard.  His clothes were soaked with sweat despite the cool mountain air.  “How many is that now?””Five hundred and twenty seven.”  Krizia was one of those annoying people who never looked tired.  Her perfect purple leotard was not even creased, after climbing thousands of steps.  Vando hated that.  She could at least have pretended to be puffed.  How many steps was it, anyway?  Eight steps between each pillar, five hundred and twenty seven pillars… it was all too hard.

“Four thousand, one hundred and twenty six steps,” said perky little Krizia.  Vando hated that about her too.

“Do you see that?  Through the mist?  I think we’ve made it.”

Vando led the way up the final few flights of stairs to a plateau on the mountainside.  Four stone towers stood at the corners of a clearing.  “The Temple of Elemental Mystery.  Those who are worthy can unlock great powers within.  The brochure didn’t mention the four thousand and however many frikking steps.  If that doesn’t unlock great power within, nothing will.”

“The brochure also didn’t mention those things.”  Krizia stepped back into a defensive stance as twisted black creatures swarmed out of the tower doors, surrounding them on all sides.

“Bring them on.”  This was just what Vando needed to unleash his frustration.

Hidden Temple is a scenario for Dragon Blast, designed for three to five players.  One player controls the guardians of the temple, while the other players control the heroes who work together to defeat the guardians.  You will need the Dragon Blast game, plus a handful of counters or pawns to use for the Imps and Guardians (chess pieces will work, or borrow them from any of your other games).


  • The heroes win when they unlock the secrets of all four of the Elemental Shrines.
  • The guardians win if all the heroes are knocked out.


  • Use the “Crossroads” game board and place the player tokens anywhere in the central 9 squares.
  • Place a Spirit token in each corner of the board (alternating red and blue) to represent the Elemental Shrines.
  • Remove the Super Power Attack cards from the deck and place them face down in a stack.
  • Set aside the Imp pawns; you will need 5 Imps plus 5 per hero (so if there are 2 heroes, you need 15 Imps).
  • Set aside 3 Guardian pawns; these pawns should be a different size or color to the Imps so you can tell them apart easily.

Use the regular Dragon Blast rules with the following variations:

  • The Guardian player has the first turn.  On your turn you:

◦      Spawn Imps from each active Shrine.  You can spawn 3 Imps plus 3 Imps per Hero player (so if there are 2 Heroes, you can spawn 9 Imps every turn).  These must be divided evenly between the active Shrines and placed as close as possible to the Shrines.  If all 9 of the “Tower” squares are full, you cannot spawn Imps at that Shrine.  If you run out of Imp pawns (e.g. when you have 15 Imps in a two-Hero game), you cannot spawn more Imps.  Note that when Imps are killed they disappear in a puff of smoke and can be reused next turn.  If you start your turn with two or less Imps not in play, you can unleash an Elemental Blast which inflicts 25 damage against one Hero (no defense is possible).

◦      Move all your Imps and Guardians up to 3 squares each, in any order.  Guardians can move through walls, but Imps cannot.  (See below for how Guardians come into play.)

◦      Attack with your Imps and Guardians, in any order.  Imps have a strength 10 physical attack at range 1, or a strength 10 energy attack at range 2.  You cannot use the energy attack at range 1.  The energy attack can go through other Imps, but cannot go through walls.  The target Hero can play a defense card as normal to respond to the attack. Guardians attack in the same way as Imps, except that their attack strength is 20 and their attacks can go through walls.

  • The Heros play next.  They can take their turns in any order, but each Hero must complete his turn before the next Hero acts.

◦      You can attack the Imps and Guardians as normal by playing attack cards.  Each Imp can defend once per turn at strength 10 (against either Physical or Energy), and they are destroyed if they receive any damage.  For example, you can destroy an Imp with a 15 damage attack, or by playing any two attacks in a row (since the Imp can only defend once against each Hero).  Guardians defend in the same way as Imps, except that their defense strength is 20.  Imps and Guardians are never knocked back, since they are destroyed as soon as they receive any damage.  The Hero receives one Blue Spirit Point for each Imp or Guardian they destroy.

◦      You can unlock a Shrine by inflicting 25 damage on it.  Shrines heal all damage at the start of the Guardian player’s turn.  You must inflict physical damage on the blue Shrines, and energy damage on the red Shrines.  You do not gain Blue Spirit Points for attacking Shrines.

◦      When you unlock a Shrine, remove the Shrine token (this Shrine no longer spawns Imps).  Turn over one of the Super Power Attack cards. You have now unlocked the secrets of this attack, and it can be used by any of the Heroes when they are Super Powered.  As you unlock more Shrines, you gain access to more Super Power Attacks.

◦      When you unlock a Shrine, the Guardian player chooses one of the remaining Shrines and spawns a Guardian pawn there.

  • Once all Heroes have had their turn, it is the Guardian’s turn again.  This continues until either all Heroes are knocked out or the Heroes have unlocked all 4 of the Shrines.

◦      To rate how well the Heroes did, score 3 points per Shrine unlocked minus 1 point per stun token received by the Heroes.

House Rules

  • When a Hero is knocked back into a wall, he suffers an extra 5 damage.
  • When a Hero is Super Powered, he can attack through and move through walls.

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