What’s the Wild Pursuit Board Game About?

What’s the Wild Pursuit Board Game About?

An overview of the Wild Pursuit board game.

About 12 years ago I was home with my kids on a rainy day and they were very bored. They didn’t want to watch television and none of the video games they had would accommodate all four of them. They spent the afternoon yelling at each other and crying about who touched whom. I decided to try to get them to sit down and play a board game together. Unfortunately, I only had the more grown up games like Monopoly and Risk. My kids were aged 5 to 12, so I needed something simple and fun to hold their attention. I grabbed a large piece of poster board I had laying around from one of my graphic design projects for college. I quickly made up a game board featuring different locales from around the world like jungles, deserts and swamps. On some of the spaces I drew some animals and came up with some simple rules involving the players rolling dice and trying to land on the animals to catch them. The kids instantly loved it! Over and over we played this game and even after I long got bored of it, they would still play it on their own. Eventually, they grew tired of it and we eventually forgot about it.

Earlier this year I lost my job of 9 years due to the struggling economy. Though crushed, I resolved to make something positive out of this negative event. I remembered how much fun the kids had playing the game I created and I enjoyed creating it for them. I decided to stop thinking about games and start doing. I started by completing the work I started so many years ago. I took the basic idea of capturing animals on a flat board and reinvented it into Wild Pursuit! After fleshing out new rules and play testing them exhaustingly, I spent several months creating the most beautiful game I could think of. On every component of the game you will find lush, vibrant colors and exciting images of many locations around our planet. I treated each part of the game as a separate work of art.

The object of Wild Pursuit is to capture animals and score points along the way. Each animal is worth different points according to the difficulty in capturing it. The player with the highest score wins the game

The first thing of interest about this game is its modular board or more accurately, boards. The game features six separate boards depicting two Habitats each. When starting play, the boards are shuffled around and placed together to form one large rectangular board. Some of the Habitats affect the players in different ways; some are harmful and some are beneficial. The City Habitat, for instance, helps the players by removing injury counters they accrue during play. The players then choose one of six colorful avatar tokens to represent the player and they all place their tokens on the City Habitat to start the game.

The game comes with a deck of 88 cards containing Animals, Capture Devices, Survival Gear and Wild Cards. This deck is shuffled and all the players take turns drawing from it throughout the game. If a player draws an Animal card, it is placed on a corresponding Habitat. Each Animal card lists the proper Habitat to place it on. Capturing an Animal involves three steps. First the player must have the proper Capture Device to use on the Animal. Then the player must also have the right Survival Gear related to the Habitat the Animal is on. After the player has the right cards, they must land on the space where the Animal is by rolling a six-sided die.

The Capture Device cards that the players draw list the different Animals that the player can capture with that card. The Survival Gear cards list the different Habitats the card is useful for. The Wild cards have different effects. Some take affect immediately while others may be held for later use. The players are restricted to only being able to hold one Capture Device and one Survival Gear at a time. Because of this, the players must decide which cards to hold and which cards to drop. When a player decides not to keep a card, it does not get discarded but is placed on the board and can be picked up and used by the other players. The Wild Cards have no restriction on how many held. The players also have the option to trade cards with each other.

Besides searching around for the right equipment to catch the Animals, the players must contend with the various hazards created by the Habitats and the Animals themselves. Some of the Animals have abilities that must be dealt with. Some will make them harder to capture, while others can actually injure the player! When the players get injured they receive red injury counters. These injury counters slow the player down by reducing the amount of spaces the player can move on their turn.  Each one gives a -2 penalty on the player’s movement roll. If a player has a total of 3 injury counters, that player immediately drops all held items and is rushed back to the City Habitat to recuperate. Fortunately, this does not affect any captures the player already has up to that point and the player can continue chasing down the Animals on their next turn. The game ends when the draw deck is exhausted and all the Animals are captured. Each player adds up the points on their captured Animal cards. The Player with the highest total wins!

Each game played is a unique experience. The random order to the layout of the habitats makes each game different right from the very beginning.  The varying abilities of the Animals and the unpredictable Wild cards keep you in suspense every time. This is the perfect game for a family game night. The basic concept of the game is simple enough for even young children to understand but has enough intricacy to keep adults involved. This game is about capturing animals safely, not hunting them. There are no disturbing images or harmful weapons in this game. So for some great, unique fun, take a walk on the wild side and give Wild Pursuit a try!


Watch the advertisement here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wo2wu0LSwY

For a Demo of the game, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NR2g_JAPH2c

Wild Pursuit! ©2010 Nightstalker Games/Eriberto Rodriguez

All rights reserved.




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