Wild Pursuit Game Review by JT Smith of The Game Crafter

Wild Pursuit is a race around the world to capture some of the wildest animals on the planet.

The following is an independent review of the game Wild Pursuit. Written by JT Smith, owner of The Game Crafter.

Wild Pursuit

Game Rating: rating
5 out of 5 Stars
Wild Pursuit is one of those rare games that is an absolute pleasure to play, and is enjoyable by people of all skills and backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual gamer, a hard core gamer, or looking for a game to play with your kids on family game night, Wild Pursuit just works.

In Wild Pursuit you have a game board of many different terrain types (jungle, desert, etc), many different wild animals, and various vehicles and pieces of equipment. Like the combination to a safe you have to put all of those things together to capture an animal on your safari around the world. Each animal you capture is worth points, and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

There are of course hurdles along the way. Some of the animals are dangerous and can send you to the hospital. Some of the equipment cards are actually random events that get you lost in the wilderness. And some of the habitats have perils of their own. But a safari wouldn’t be an adventure without danger, then it would just be a theme park!

I absolutely love the strategies involved in attempting to collect the right parts to collect an animal. Many times you find yourself sacrificing a crucial piece of equipment for a high-point value animal because you can more quickly put together what it takes to get a near-by lower-point animal.

I also love that you run through the entire deck and every single card eventually gets played because there is exactly the right amount of cards to complete each challenge and the rules keep the cards in the game until the challenge is completed. This brings the game to a definitive and rewarding close that everyone can see coming.

I’ve played Wild Pursuit about 10 times now with various groups of people, and have not had a single negative reaction from anyone yet. That’s rare, as gamers are often both finicky and vocal.

There isn’t much about this game that I would change, but if I had to make some recommendations, here’s what I would say:

First, the extra optional advanced rules, described at the end of the rules sheet, are must haves. Do play with them as soon as you have played the base game, or even in the first game if you’re playing with more advanced gamers.

Second, there is a weird case that can sometimes happen on the last animal of the game where one player has the right trap and another player has the right vehicle. Now there’s a stand off. The rules provide no instruction on how to handle this. In our group we decided that the way to handle it was to put both player’s pawns on the opposite side of the board from the animal. Then the first player to reach the animal gets the missing equipment. That should probably be made part of the standard rules.

Overall I give this game 5 stars, and would absolutely recommend anybody buy it.

UPDATE!:  The Wild Pursuit Rules Document has been updated to version 1.5. The main change addresses a problematic end of game scenario. The added rule reads:

“There is a situation that can sometimes occur when one last Animal remains and one player has the right Capture Device and another player has the right Survival Gear. In this case, the animal cannot be captured normally. To resolve this, all the players place their tokens on the opposite side of the board from the animal and discard any Capture Tools, Survival Gear and Wild Cards. Any effect of that Habitat is ignored for this first placement there. Then they take their normal turns rolling the die and moving toward the Animal. All effects of Habitats still apply. A player that reaches the Animal may attempt to capture it without needing the required cards. However, any effects of the Animal still applies. Ignore references to Capture Tools and Survival Gear on the Animal card. After it is captured, the game ends. The player with the highest total wins! This procedure can be ignored if capture of the last Animal won’t change the overall winner of the game.”


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