Dragon Blast: Battlestorm

Dragon Blast: Battlestorm

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“A Game Crafter Staff Pick!”

“…Dragon Blast is an extremely fast paced, no mercy, type battle…I highly recommend this game…” – Boundless Distraction Reviews

“…The game is fast-paced, and fun!…Dragon Blast is definitely for you…” – JT Smith, The Game Crafter

“…This game is incredibly fun to play!…you really get the feeling that you are the character fighting for your life!…” – Talking Bull Games

“…If you like anime or are a fighting game fan check this one out!…” – Toren, IcePack Games

“…this game is an instant hit…” David B., designer of Card Armies, Battle for Wesnoth

Dragon Blast: Battlestorm Game Review by Noobsource.com

Experience the action and excitement of an arcade fighting game without needing super fast reflexes. Use your mental muscle to outsmart your opponents while unleashing incredible attacks and combinations! You can play as one of six legendary combatants each with their own powers and style of fighting. Battle in a two player duel or up to six players in a free-for-all brawl! Don’t like to be alone? Team up with a partner and play two versus two or even three on three teams!

You must use your cards strategically to attack and defend against the other players as well as move your character around a tactical game board. Battle to knock out your opponents while powering yourself up to unleash incredible, legendary attacks!

Be the first player to earn 3 Victory points by defeating your opponents or fulfilling Secret Missions.

Prepare yourself for the Legend of Dragon Blast!

The Story:

Orphaned as a child, Ryukyu trained for many years with an old, kung-fu master. Now a wandering warrior after his master’s death, Ryukyu met and fell in love with Karita Whitedragon. But her father, the Emperor, would only allow her to marry the most powerful warrior in the land. Ryukyu is on a quest to be that warrior. Along the way he discovered how to use the Legendary Dragon Blast! Want more of the story? Read Dragon Blast: Unleashed!

NEW!: Be sure to try the free, cooperative game scenarios for Dragon Blast:

Hidden Temple – Team up to fight off wave after wave of enemies!

Old Master – Band together to help the old master escape the assassins!

Dragon Blast Review (First Edition version) by Boundless Distraction: The air thickened, my chest tightened and… [bdistracted.tumblr.com]

If you have any questions, please email: nightstalkergames@gmail.com

Battle Deck Cards

Dragon Blast in Action!

Initial Game Setup

Card Closeups

Crossroads Battlefield

  1. carmen heady says:

    Wow! This game looks great! I can’t wait to play it!

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  3. […] Dragon Blast – A Hybrid Board/Card Game […]

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