Monster Kids Game Review by War Chamber Games

The following is a review of the Monster Kids Card Game by War Chamber Games, creators of the Fighter-Tac card game series.

Monster Kids

Game Rating: rating
4 out of 5 Stars

Overview: Monster Kids is a fast paced, simple, yet challenging card game designed by Nightstalker Games. It may seem on the outside to be oriented more towards the younger crowd, but don’t let that, or the simplicity fool you. The game is quite fun for any age, and can be very challenging as well. I must admit, as a veteran gamer when I first read the rules I thought “hmm, seems pretty easy”. Well, I was wrong, and that is a good thing.

The goal is to use your “Monster Kid” (which is your character), to destroy various Monsters found throughout the deck. You must get through the entire deck and destroy all of the Monsters to win. But you are not alone in this endeavor. You team up with the other players in the game to achieve victory, and if you fail, you all fail together.

This aspect of the game made it quite enjoyable. Most games of course pit players against each other. It was a nice change of pace to be working with each other to try to beat the game.

Rules: Now here is where the game really shines. Like I mentioned before, the rules are simple, which keeps the game going at a quick pace. But there are many other factors that can effect the outcome as well as keep you on your toes.

Each player starts out by choosing a “Monster Kid”. These teenage monster hunters act as your character throughout the game. Each Kid differs in the fact that they each have different “Power Types”. These range from stuff like “Electricity”, to “Water”, and various others. Each Kid also has a Power Type that they are Resistant to, as well as having another they have a Weakness to. This factors in by many of the Monsters having their own Power Types, Resistances, and Weaknesses as well.

On your turn you simply draw a card from the Main Deck. If it is a Monster, you have to fight it. This is done by rolling a a 10 sided die for yourself, and another player rolling a 12 sided die for the Monster. The Power Types and Weaknesses add or subtract from these die rolls. Whoever ends up with the highest total wins! If the player wins, the Monster is destroyed. If the Monster wins, the player receives an “Injury” counter. If a player receives 3 of these Injury counters, then he or she is sent to Limbo. If at any time all of the Monster Kids are in Limbo at the same time, it’s game over, and the Monsters win. Fortunately there are ways for a player to escape Limbo, so it doesn’t mean that they are stuck there forever.

There are other cards that can be drawn as well. These cards can effect the outcome of a battle in various ways. Players can use cards such as “Foot Trip”, and “Power Attack” to add to their Attack Power. Or use “Heal” cards to heal their Kid. Monsters have their own cards as well that they can use to modify their Attack Power, which can make them especially deadly for the players.

The cooperation aspect of the game comes into play during these battles. Any time during a battle, the other players can use the cards in their hands to modify the Attack Power of your Monster Kid. This game mechanic is truly where the players must work together if they really want to win the game. Eventually another player WILL need your help. And it’s up to the other players to come to their aid.

Design: The cards are detailed, colorful and laid out nicely. The artwork is well done and the whole thing has a “creepy” yet slightly “cartoony” look to it. Which fits the game nicely. There is nothing gory or questionable, and is appropriate for all ages. I especially like the Monster Artwork (love the Zombies card). If anything, I would have used a brighter Font, instead of the dark red used on a lot of the cards. It can be a little difficult to see if you are in a room with dimmer lighting.

Overall: If you are looking for a fast paced, challenging card game that isn’t bogged down by rules, and emphasizes teamwork, then you will enjoy this game. We played it with only 2 players, which made it quite difficult. But that challenge is what kept us going back for more. Our first 3 games, we lost. We were determined however, and on the fourth game we tasted sweet victory. And we played all four games in under 90 minutes. The game is another example of how simple can be better sometimes.

One more bonus. There are rules included for those of us who eventually tire of helping our fellow player. They are the “VS. MODE” rules. While we did not try them out, at least the designer has the option available, which is another nice feature, and one that we will be trying out soon…


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