, a game review website, received an advance copy of our newest game, Dragon Blast: Battlestorm to play at NoobsourceCon 2012. Below are a few pictures of the game in action.



Look for a review coming soon from Dragon Blast: Battlestorm releases on October 31, 2012.


We’re pleased to extend our line-up of booklets to include our new Small Booklet. The small booklet measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches and can have up to 20 pages. This is great for those games that are published using only a tuck box. Just like our other booklets these are printed full bleed, and in full color, for only 20 cents per page. 

Download the templates and get started today. Enjoy!

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Nothing Sacred Games posted a new review of The Game Crafter on We always appreciate community members taking the time to provide honest and detailed reviews of our service, products, and the community. So thank you for that! We love hearing from customers because it gives us a chance to see how we’re doing and look for ways to improve our service.

We’re asking the TGC community to give it a read and see what you think! Feel free to post comments/feedback and we’ll be sure to read them all! We think it will be beneficial for BGG community members to see this discussion and hopefully it encourages other game designers to give us a try! 🙂

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Well that was a terribly long down time. Bad hosting provider. No biscuit! 

The site is back up and functioning. It appears we had no corruptions or data loss as far as our testing has shown. We are very sorry for this downtime, and we’ll investigate options to prevent this sort of thing from happening again in the future. 

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Shipping is perhaps the worst and most complicated part of any online retail business. It’s an area that we have put a considerable amount of effort into to ensure that you get what you order speedily, efficiently, and cost effectively. That said, there’s always more to be done.

We’re pleased to announce our new shipping system. A lot of what it does is behind the scenes that you’ll never see. For instance, you won’t notice that it does over 100,000 calculations in less than a second to provide you the best shipping configuration and price possible.  That said, there’s a lot that you can see:

The system now supports much larger orders. Before we had a 70 pound weight limit, and often if you placed a large order, the shipping price that was calculated was not even close to accurate. 

If you have a very big order, the system now calculates how many packages will need to be shipped to you to hold all of the games you’re ordering. It also will display the package count to you.

Sometimes there are handling fees on orders because we have an extra expense like having to fill out customs paperwork, or we have special packaging requirements. We used to just show them as part of the shipping price, but now we break them out as their own line item so you are aware when it happens. 

The system now also picks the best box for your order based upon what is in your order. For example, if you have a small deck of cards, then it knows you only need a small shipping box. This will reduce the dimensions and weight of the shipment, which also opens up extra shipping options and reduces the price of those shipping options.

Speaking of shipping options, we now are supporting First Class and Priority Flat Rate both domestically and internationally. In addition, we’re also supporting Parcel Post domestically. These new options mean that you have more choice in price and features about how you receive your order.

For the vast majority of orders, you’ll now have much cheaper shipping options. Sometimes this can be quite dramatic. Here are two examples:

Let’s say you want to ship a deck of playing cards to Minnesota. The cost on that in the old system used to be $8.05 via USPS Priority. In the new shipping system that will be $5.20 (a  $2.85 savings). Not only that, but you’ll now have a First Class option for $3.31 (a $4.74 savings).

Let’s say you wanted to ship that same deck of cards to Hungary. In the old system that would have been $35 for USPS Priority. The same cost still applies in the new system. However, you now have a Flat Rate option for $16.95 (an $18.05 savings). In addition, there is also a First Class option for only $6.85 (a $28.15 savings). 

As you can see the price difference can be fairly dramatic. However, it will not always be less expensive. In extremely rare cases it may even be slightly more expensive. The big difference is that the new shipping system is far more accurate about the size, shape, and weight of the shipping boxes, which means that all of our shipping prices are far more accurate. We’ve worked hard on this new system to give you the best shipping options available. Enjoy!

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Our hosting provider is experiencing some problems at the moment that is causing our web site to be offline. We’re working with them through this problem. We’ll keep you informed as we have more information.

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Staff Pick: Villages

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With the Co-Op Design Challenge coming to a close, I thought I’d share with you the game I would make for the contest if I were allowed to enter.  Perhaps it will help inspire some of you who are still working on your own games. My game is called Lacuna Expanse: A New Empire, which is based upon a video game I made a few years ago. 

In my new board game each player starts out building a fledgling colony. You have to build infrastructure, and each piece of infrastructure you add gives you new abilities. You play cards like tiles via connection points. 

Each player is working on their colony separately, however, ultimately they are working together. They trade with each other, and help each other out in any way possible, because they need to build a space station before too many enemy ships arrive.

If seven or more enemy ships are exposed at any given time, then the entire group loses. However, if they are able to get everything they need to build a space station and then build the space station, they win!

This sort of model of everyone having their own components and then also a shared pool of resources takes one of the detriments of many co-op games out of play, in that you won’t have one person taking control of the game. 

Welcome to the Expanse! Learn more and buy your copy today.

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We’ve had Staff Picks on our site for a long time now. Going forward we’re going to feature games here when we add them to the Staff Picks list.

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Chris Leder, the designer of City of Gears, and winer of the Steampunk Design Challenge has agreed to be our guest judge for the Co-op Design Challenge.

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