Dragon Blast: Battlestorm Box Cover


Because of Hurricane Sandy barreling its way down towards Nightstalker Games laboratory, we’ve decided to release Dragon Blast: Battlestorm ahead of its original October 31st release date. By releasing it now, we make it available to you with no interruption from the hurricane. For more information go to:  https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/dragon-blast:-battlestorm

Stay tuned for independent review of this game in a few days at http://noobsource.com/


Review: The Decktet

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Review: Game Night Fight:

Father Geek reviews Game Night Fight

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Staff Pick: Lacuna Expanse

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I recently had the opportunity to try a preview copy of Dungeon Heroes currently on Kickstarter from Crash Games. This is a game that gives you exactly what it advertises, a Dungeon Crawl in 30 minutes. I can easily players getting through a game of Dungeon Heroes in a lunch hour, so you Lunchtime […]

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6 more days until you can get your hands on Dragon Blast: Battlestorm! Are you ready?


Review: ZombieZone:

Father Geek Reviews ZombieZone.

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What is DPI?:

Though we’ve largely done away with the need to understand DPI at The Game Crafter by simply measuring everything in pixels rather than inches or centimeters, it’s still good to understand the principles. This article does a great job of explaining it all. 

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I’m a little late to this party. I had intended to write a review as Salmon Run launched on kickstarter, but it happened without warning and right up against some other things that were happening for this site and Unpub.net. By the time I got around to it, the game had already funded and I decided […]

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“My most given advice on balancing is to not lose track of beginner and intermediate levels of player – that is – a game can be perfectly balanced for the top level player, but if the beginners don’t have fun with it there will be no top level players.”

Richard Garfield (via cardboardedison)

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