Man Hunt

Man Hunt is an exciting and fast-paced game where you and your friends become a crack squad of Federal Marshalls charged with bringing in the world’s most wanted!  You can play with your friends, against your friends, or even by yourself.  It is fun to play and easy to learn.


  • Fast play time (5 minutes – 1 hour).
  • Easy rules.
  • Solo and multiplayer support.
  • Three different game modes: solo, cooperative, and team play.
  • A TON of replay value.

Each player takes turns flipping up the top card of the Man Hunt deck hoping to find a suspect that is on the Most Wanted List.

When they do, the entire team rolls to try to catch them.  If they succeed, they get sent to the jail house.  But in order to convict them you’ll need evidence and the only way you’ll find evidence is if you stake out their hide out.  Only then will you be able to collect their reward and get one step closer to victory!

But beware, if they get out of jail scott free, they claim their reward, and might commit another crime such as murdering an innocent and if you don’t have any innocents on the board, the game is over and the criminals win.

So compete against your friends and the bad guys (or just against the bad guys) to try to see who can acquire the most cash!

Some Assembly required, suitable for ages 8+

Feedback is more than welcome:


Price: $18.75
Age: 12+
Play Time: 15 minutes
# of Players: 1+
Author: sswisher
Edition: First
Copyright: ©2010


  • Most Wanted Board
  • Jail House Board
  • Man Hunt Deck (17 cards)
  • Hideout Cards Deck (6 cards)
  • Suspect Stickers Set of Stickers (20 stickers)
  • Man Hunt Rules Document
  • 1 Cash – $1,000.00
  • 1 Cash – $5,000.00
  • 6 D6 (16mm) – Random Color
  • 20 Token Chip (1-1/4”) – White



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