BIO is a fast paced card game based on survival of a zombie outbreak caused by a hazardous chemical spill. Its every man for himself as you and your friends run from zombies and try to be the first to escape or the last to survive. Great quick game for groups up up to 6 players, lots of fun, with a tinge of suspense.

Players match colors, numbers, or actions in an attempt not to be bittin by the zombie. Using tactics like: Sprint, push back, hide, and stocking up to evade the relentless zombies. If your lucky youll find one of the coveted “kill” cards, which will stop a zombie dead in his tracks.

Short fast games can be played to scored totals, most kills, or just for the fun of it.

If your a zombie fan, or just a fan of fun, you need this game.

  • game deck (100 cards)
  • BIO Instructions Document
Price: $19.99
Age: 12+
Play Time: 45 minutes
# of Players: 2-6
Author: daywalk3r
Edition: First
Copyright: ©2010




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