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Take a look at some other exciting games from other designers! Check back often as we will be updating this section!




Rejection Therapy



The revolutionary new game where rejection is success. “The latest self-help hit in the U.S.” –Daily Mail

There are two winning conditions for Rejection Therapy:

  1. You are rejected by other people 30 days consecutively
  2. The fear of rejection no longer stops you from happiness and success

The Rejection Therapy deck consists of 30 cards, each with a unique suggestion.

Own a small business? Thinking of starting one? Then try the Rejection Therapy Entrepreneur Edition! 



Card Armies: The Battle For Wesnoth


Card Armies: Battle For Wesnoth is a roleplaying/strategy game designed by David Bradshaw. You control an army in the fantasy world of Wesnoth, and must combine planning, tactics, and luck to emerge victorious over your rivals. The game can be played as one-on-one battles, multi-player mayhem, cooperative campaigns, and even solo.



Fighter-Tac is a deeply strategic card game for two players. Each player is in command of a massive warship called a Battle-Carrier, and each uses a customized deck of cards called the Flight-Deck. The goal of the game is to use your Fighters and other cards in your Flight-Deck to destroy your opponent’s Battle-Carrier, before he or she destroys yours.

  1. Bob says:

    Hey there Eriberto, great site! I am 100% with you on the independent game publisher story, as I’m try to get my own games company going as well. It seems you’re off to a great start! I would love it if you took a look at, or linked to my game in this section.


    Again, congrats to you! I wish you the best of luck.


    P.S. thegamecrafter.com rocks!

  2. i like it Other Games « Nightstalker Games now im your rss reader

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