Free Games!

Here is a growing list of free Print and Play games for you to enjoy!

11 Kings by Papercut Games


A civilization game for 6 or (preferably) many more players.

This game was intended to be both as flexible and as streamlined as possible within the limits set by the genre. It’s a civ game with a modular board, a small number of technologies and relatively simple rules. Diplomacy is an important aspect of the game. The game is intended to be played with big groups and generally lasts around 7 hours.

Archers by George L. Stupecky

Invade your enemy’s woods with your archers while keeping his archers out of your own woods.








Army of Darkness

Designers: Barry Nakazono, David McKenzie
Publisher: Leading Edge Games

Box CoverThe Army of Darkness board game was put out in 1992 by a company called Leading Edge(now out of business), a company who made board games based movies. The game represents the battle at Arthur’s castle at the end of the movie. The game board is composed of 15 3/3 inch squares and 4 6/3 inch wall squares within a square sized castle. All thin white and red outlines printed on a picture of the Deadites from the movie. You have key squares like the tower (where the book goes), the pit (if this opens Deadites start to appear in the pit), the wall squares (This is where Deadites usually appear), and the gate (eventually the Deadites break through the gate and appear hear). This game can be played with 1 to 8 players. Mostly we play with four players against the game. There are seven mortal characters and the Death Mobile.

Black Hole Explorer

Publisher: Inside Einstein’s Universe

What evidence do we have to understand Einstein’s predictions about the strange creatures known as “Black Holes”? Expect the unexpected in this board game and learn how black holes affect the space and time around them. Recommended for ages 10 and up. Includes recommendations and materials for playing in large groups.


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