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Fighter-Tac is a deeply strategic card game for two players. Each player is in command of a massive warship called a Battle-Carrier, and each uses a customized deck of cards called the Flight-Deck. The goal of the game is to use your Fighters and other cards in your Flight-Deck to destroy your opponent’s Battle-Carrier, before he or she destroys yours.

Below you will find links to the entire Fighter-Tac Collection.

Empire of Sol Starter Flight Deck

Empire of Sol Faction Tactical Pack: Fighter Pack 1.0

Mortalis Starter Flight Deck

Mortalis Faction Tactical Pack: Fighter Pack 1.0

The Chosen Starter Flight Deck

The Chosen Faction Tactical Pack: Fighter Pack 1.0


Tactical Pack 0.5: Frontline Support

Tactical Pack 1.0: Battle-Carrier Modules

  1. Lazyanttu says:

    I have all of them, will there be more factions/more tactical packs in future?

  2. Matt Harris says:

    Sorry Lazyanttu. Been busy and haven’t checked the site for awhile. Yes, we are currently working on the next Faction, the Stars Edge Union. Currently the plan is to release it January of 2012. Afterwhich we are going to work on more Tactical Packs as well.

    War Chamber Games

  3. Matt Harris says:

    Yes Lazyanttu, we are planning to release the next Faction: The Stars Edge Union hopefully in January of 2012. After that we are hoping to release more Tactical Packs. Thanks for playing FIghter-Tac! We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

    War Chamber Games

    • lazyanttu says:

      I liked the game mechanics, it was simple, yet working. And the artwork too. I actually bought them for a local gaming group we have here in Finland.

      • Matt Harris says:

        Fantastic. It’s great to see the game go international! We are getting ready to release our next game “The Pit”. It is a hybrid card/board game that replicates bloody dark ages pit fighting. So keep your eyes peeled for it soon…

        After The Pit is released, we are going to return our focus to Fighter-Tac. There is still a lot we want to do with the game, including adding “Mission Objectives”, and other neat features.

        Matt Harris
        War Chamber Games

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