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The Universal Dominion Competition

My name is Jacques A. Montemoiño. I’m here to share with you a project that Gideon Games Inc. is working on for XBOX Live–Universal Dominion Competition (UDC).  What we present here is an opportunity for you to be a big part of the development of a new futuristic 2D fighter.  In the Zeiden Universe, where war between planets has been outlawed by the universal government (the Universal Dominion), all conflict is settled by one on one combat by representatives from the planets in the universal alliance.  These planets send their best super-powered warriors to compete and show the universe the power of their race. UDC will cover the top tier of warriors–the E class division. However, there are over 80 different warriors in the Zeiden Universe franchise who will make appearances in our prospective cartoon series, trading card game, and book series…

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Welcome to Nightstalker Games – Games That Won’t Go Quietly Into The Night! We have original board games and card games not available in your average game stores. Impress your family and friends with these unique and hard to find games! This is your chance to buy one of these cool games online now!

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I know it seems early to be talking about Christmas, but it’s that time of year again. Lots of people will be buying copies of their games for Christmas presents. Why not? They make excellent gifts. However, that will put a bit of a crunch on our production schedule.

We want to make sure that everyone gets their gifts in time for Christmas. To make sure that happens, you must place your order with us no later than December 13th for domestic orders; and December 6th for international orders to ensure that they make it to you by December 23rd.

Get your orders in soon. We have everything in tip top shape to ensure we can get all the orders out that come in. Those that come in after the deadlines we will work hard to try to get those out by Christmas, but it’s not just about us. The mail carriers this time of year are also overloaded, so mail goes a bit slower this time of year. Do yourself a favor and get your order placed sooner rather than later. Thanks!