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The Universal Dominion Competition

My name is Jacques A. Montemoiño. I’m here to share with you a project that Gideon Games Inc. is working on for XBOX Live–Universal Dominion Competition (UDC).  What we present here is an opportunity for you to be a big part of the development of a new futuristic 2D fighter.  In the Zeiden Universe, where war between planets has been outlawed by the universal government (the Universal Dominion), all conflict is settled by one on one combat by representatives from the planets in the universal alliance.  These planets send their best super-powered warriors to compete and show the universe the power of their race. UDC will cover the top tier of warriors–the E class division. However, there are over 80 different warriors in the Zeiden Universe franchise who will make appearances in our prospective cartoon series, trading card game, and book series…

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The Nightstalker Games second year anniversary is coming up this October and we have some great news to celebrate the occasion! We have two game releases scheduled. The first is Auction Junktion: The Storage Auction Game – Revised edition. This edition is an update of the already popular game, with revised rules and new artwork. Of particular interest is the new “Dirty Tactics” cards and rules, in which players will be able to employ a variety of sneaky tricks to gain the upper hand. If you liked Auction Junktion before, you will love this edition even more!

Also coming up is Dragon Blast – Second Edition. This highly anticipated release is a complete revamp of the already highly rated game! Though Nightstalker Games operates on a shoestring budget, this new edition is featuring much improved visuals and graphics. But it’s not just a cosmetic change. The basic rules have been revamped based on player feedback as well as many more new rules to take the game to a whole new level! The same exciting action returns along with new attack and defense moves and the new Trigger cards that bend and warp the rules in amazing ways. Tired of getting beat? Take advantage of the new Vengeance cards to fight back. Vengeance cards will allow you to wield weapons, assume various martial arts styles and unlock mindblowing new powers! As you play, your character will evolve and change for a new experience every time! Another new twist is the inclusion of the new Secret Mission cards. These will give you different paths to victory as they give you different goals to accomplish and alter the gameplay mid-game. No longer are you just trying to bash heads in. With Secret Missions, you’ll be rewarded for achieving difficult feats, saving innocent non-player characters, teaming up against a powerful foes and much more!. With the Trigger, Vengeance and Secret Mission cards, each game plays out as a new story every single time!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be giving in depth views on the new rules and features as we close in on our second anniversary in October. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek! Click the images for larger views:




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