The Game Crafter News: Lacuna Expanse: A New Empire

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

With the Co-Op Design Challenge coming to a close, I thought I’d share with you the game I would make for the contest if I were allowed to enter.  Perhaps it will help inspire some of you who are still working on your own games. My game is called Lacuna Expanse: A New Empire, which is based upon a video game I made a few years ago. 

In my new board game each player starts out building a fledgling colony. You have to build infrastructure, and each piece of infrastructure you add gives you new abilities. You play cards like tiles via connection points. 

Each player is working on their colony separately, however, ultimately they are working together. They trade with each other, and help each other out in any way possible, because they need to build a space station before too many enemy ships arrive.

If seven or more enemy ships are exposed at any given time, then the entire group loses. However, if they are able to get everything they need to build a space station and then build the space station, they win!

This sort of model of everyone having their own components and then also a shared pool of resources takes one of the detriments of many co-op games out of play, in that you won’t have one person taking control of the game. 

Welcome to the Expanse! Learn more and buy your copy today.

from The Game Crafter News


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