Democracy: Majority Rules up on Kickstarter

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Democracy: Majority Rules is now on Kickstarter, and looks like it’s going to do just fine in funding.  What is this game?  From the website…

Democracy is a game of deal making, debate, and diplomacy. You play a power broker and leader of a new national movement, a political mastermind who organizes campaigns and wins elections. Your job is to form alliances, yet always stand by your principles – make compromises, yet still achieve your agenda. To succeed you must herd cats, spin facts into a web of illusion, and speak POWER TO TRUTH.

You are battling to take over a country in crisis. The old-line political parties are weak and divided, primed for being taken over or pushed out of the way. Your movement has captured the imagination of a small but loyal few and now it’s your job to grow it into a national force. The goal is to put your handpicked candidate into high office, take control of the country, and put your MARK ON HISTORY

Minutes to learn but years to master, Democracy is fast paced, there is no downtime and you’re always in the middle of the action. Modular in format, no two games are alike – ever shifting alliances lead to bombshells and blindsides. Play out any political scenario, from revolution in the streets to the crafting of a constitution. Enter the world of mudslinging, dirty tricks, and power politics: IT’S ALL IN THE GAME.

Enter the hidden world of rainmakers, dark horse candidates and back room deals. This is a game about the unseen gears and machinery of democracy: the absolute worst form of government… except for all the others. Negotiation is as important as strategy, players with a gift of persuasion can easily defeat those who know games and rules.
You cannot win solo, you need allies, but who can you trust? Form an alliance in order to wrest control from a single majority, make promises you may not be able to keep, block a coalition by building your own. In this game, as in life, you get to play power as you see fit, FAIR OR FOUL.

There’s also a lot more at the website, including a video that shows how to play the game from Yours Truly, rules, party rules, and more.  Check it out!



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