Z-man Announces Expansion for Troyes

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Not a ton of information, but Z-man mentions on their blog that a new expansion for Troyes is on the way – The Ladies of Troyes.

They say…

With this expansion to the game Troyes, the basic rules can be modified in 5 different ways and can be combined any way you want.

The Ladies of Troyes first appear as 3 news Character cards that you can integrate into your games. A new action allows players to move their guard onto ramparts to have access to new activities outside the city. The family leader of each player is represented by a new purple die, that can make civil, military or religious actions (as the player choses); other players may not purchase this die. Finally, 27 new activity cards and 6 event cards are also included to help vary your games.

The game is being released at Essen 2012

from GameSalute.com http://www.GameSalute.com/z-man-announces-expansion-for-troyes/


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