New Fantasy Flight Releases!

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Several new releases from Fantasy Flight have been released this week!

First up is The House of Black and White, a new Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

The Great Houses pursue deadly new schemes in The House of Black and White, the penultimate Chapter Pack in the Beyond the Narrow Sea cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, now on sale at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

The House of Black and White introduces sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) that further enrich the Beyond the Narrow Sea cycle and its exploration of the people, places, and events of Essos. You’ll find deadly new tools to cut through your opponents’ non-unique minions, a host of high-impact new locations for each House, and an arsenal of Weapons and other attachments.

Though all characters must eventually find their way to the Many-Faced God, some may first live in such a way as to merit a song, or to shape the conquest of Westeros. The new cards from The House of Black and White vividly delineate the distinction between champion and chattel.

Then we have Oath and Anvil, the newest expansion for Rune Age.

Oath and Anvil, an expansion for Rune Age, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore! As two new factions enter the fray, existing empires are bolstered with never-before-seen units. Meanwhile, two new scenarios, plus new Event, Tactic, and Neutral Unit cards for use in any setup, bring new variety to your experience.

While the dwarves of the Dunwarr Mountains labor tirelessly in their massive subterranean forges, the orcs of the Broken Plains are themselves tempered by tribal conflict in a hostile land. But can they set aside their ancient rivalries to work together in the face of an all new evil?

Foremost among Oath and Anvil’s many benefits is the addition of two new playable races, the dwarves of Dunwarr and the orcs of the Broken Plains. These proud factions each bring their own unique style of play to Rune Age. With their penchant for mining and love of wealth, the dwarves are able to quickly amass large sums of gold, then parlay it into devastating attacks against their foes. Meanwhile, the orcs display a single-minded lust for combat, proving that there’s no orcish phrase for “half measure.” Their all-or-nothing approach to battle rewards players who empty their hands to win.

Not to be outdone, the four existing factions have rallied formidable new units to their cause. Cunning Novice Wizards and massive Roc Warriors bolster the Daqan Lords’ emphasis on hand control, while swift Leonx Riders and lumbering Forest Guardians capitalize on the Latari Elves‘ mastery of influence. The forces of evil are likewise emboldened; foul Vampires and fearsome Barrow Wyrms add their strength to the armies of Waiqar the Undying, while depraved Blood Sisters and corpulent Obscenes engage in ritual mutilation for the glory of the Uthuk!

And some downloadable content for Mansions of Madness – The Yellow Sign

Julian Glen, a talented up-and-coming playwright, has penned a work that he claims will be his masterpiece. There’s only one problem…it’s turning its audience into mindless fanatics! As some of the few audience members to retain your sanity, you and the other investigators must now work together to find Glen and uncover his true plot.

Fantasy Flight Games is please to announce The Yellow Sign, a Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness! Based on a design by a collaboration of fans at FFG’s Arkham Nights 2011, The Yellow Sign thrusts players into a house filled with deranged actors. Can you survive until your next curtain call? Head to our webstore to place your order!

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is an exciting process that allows Fantasy Flight Games to produce professionally finished cards on a made-to-order basis, which opens up new opportunities for expanding existing games.

This process (not to be confused with Print and Play), results in smaller print runs of professionally manufactured products, allowing publishers to provide fans with content that would otherwise not be commercially viable. If you’re a retailer interested in carrying our Print on Demand products, visit our Print on Demand website to learn more.

And finally Rockband Manager.

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce that the tour has begun, and Rockband Manager, the card game for three to six players, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore!

If you want to rock, you need dedication, wits, and a few breaks. As the manager of a brand new garage band, you’ll need to plan everything if you want to rise from gigs at local coffee shops and high school dances to jam packed stadiums full of screaming groupies and fans. Assemble an epic band, grind out some face-melting tracks, and become a rock legend. It’s a tough road, but rock stardom is worth the price.

Making the Cut

In this light and fast-paced game, each player starts with a limited amount of cash with which to assemble a band. Players take turns bidding on and adding musicians to a group. Once each player has created their band, it is time to move on to the Career phases of the game, where bands produce albums, perform gigs, and do anything to get the inside track to success.

The goal of the game is to be the band that collects the most decibels. During the Career phases, player gain decibels by claiming cards from a group of ten Career cards. If your vocalist has tons of Charisma, she can book a sweet show that instantly raises your decibels. The guitar player, the guy with loads of Talent, can start recording in the studio, and the opportunistic drummer? Send him out to sabotage all of your rivals. The path to stardom has many roads and there are many ways to gain decibels, so do everything you can to get to the top.

A Rocking Good Time

Rockband Manager is perfect for gamers who crave a quick game that can easily be shared with friends and family. With only a few minutes of instruction, everyone will be rocking n’ rolling like die-hard fans. Moreover, the game features vibrant art and high quality components that add to the rich theme of the game.

There’s a lot more info and pictures of each of the above games and expansions, simply click on their names to see it!



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