GAMES Magazine Announces 2013 Awards

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

GAMES magazine has been putting out their top 100 games of the year for many years now.  Don’t be thrown off by the date – the awards are given to games that are currently in print, and likely came out sometime in the past calendar year (although that’s not set in stone.)

They sort their top 100 into categories, and here are the winners!

Game of the Year – Trajan  (Ammonit Spiele)

Best Abstract Strategy – Matter (SimplyFun)
Best Advanced Strategy – Village (Eggertspiele)
Best Card Game – Decktet (self-published)
Best Family Game – Takenoko (Asmodee)
Best Party Game – Pluckin’ Pairs (RnR Games)
Best Puzzle – Cool Circuits (ScienceWiz)
Best Strategy Game – Zong Shi (Gryphon)
Best Word Game – Kerflip! (Creative Foundry)

And the runners up!
Abstract Strategy – Mine Shift
Advanced Strategy – Olympos
Card Game – Mundus Novas
Family Game – Eruption
Party Game – Snake Oil
Puzzle – Athena
Strategy Game – Lords of Waterdeep
Word Game – Campbell’s Alphabet Game

Check out the website – the online magazine isn’t posted yet, but soon!



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