The Keep Coming Back to Kickstarter

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the Press Release…

Clearwater, Florida – September 26, 2012 The future of game storage and travel begins Monday, October 1, 2012 at 11:00 AM EDT. Grumpy Owl Gamery is launching a new Kickstarter for their patent pending Keep System of games mobilizers and organizers. The system uses two main types of organizers to store and label all manner of hobby game components. A custom line of carry cases mobilize the organizers so that you never have to leave home without your favorite games.

The premium case from their first Kickstarter has been replaced with a messenger style bag. The Great Chamber has been completely revamped into a zippered, padded sleeve and upgraded to hold Ogre™ and Tannhäuser™ sized boards. The significant reduction in mold costs and minimum order requirements allows them to relaunch with a much lower funding goal and greater flexibility in their rewards. Reward tiers are now focused on getting backers the organizer of their choice while enabling customization through add-ons. Magic Chambers, Dividers, and Bit Pits are all still part of the relaunch and will feature more space and greater segmentation.

Grumpy Owl Gamery is interested in understanding your particular gaming needs and wants, so please, take their survey. Don’t miss the chance to voice your opinion and back this long overdue innovation to the game storage realm. Mark your calendar – October 1st, The Keep returns to Kickstarter!

Gamers new to The Keep System should visit their website at to learn more. You can also see pictures of the latest prototypes at

Grumpy Owl Gamery is a brood of like minded and determined gamers. Dissatisfied with the very limited options to take their games everywhere they decided to take their love of games and combine it with their love of efficiency and travel. The Keep System was born and they are working to bring it to gamers everywhere.

 The Keep did not make its funding goal the first time, although there was a lot of demand.  Let’s hope second time’s a charm!



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