Mr. Card Game (Kingdom of Loathing) on Kickstarter

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you’ve never heard of Kingdom of Loathing, it’s different than any online gaming experience you’ve ever seen.  It’s an online multi-player game, with stick figures and a huge ton of jokes covering an extremely complex and rewarding game.

And now a card game is up on Kickstarter.  From the description…

Save the World Outside the Internet 

You’ve clicked your keyboard tirelessly in a quest to free the imprismed King (or maybe you haven’t, but you agree, freeing Kings is cool), now help us bring seal clubbing, pastamancing, and accordion thieving out from behind the computer monitor. 
 That’s right, we are building the world’s first commercially available Kingdom of Loathing themed card game, and we need your help to make it happen. 
 Enter Mr. Card Game

Mr. Card Game is a collaboration between Evertide Games and the dudes at Asymmetric Publications (Jick, Skully, Hotstuff, Riff…). At KoLCon IX, we approached Jick and Co. with an idea for fun tabletop way to play KoL and they gave the design team at Evertide Games a greenlight to create a card game for the Kingdom. And now, after a year of mechanics-pasting, advanced cardsmithing and super human playtesting, the designcrafting is done and both Asymmetric and Evertide Games are pleased to present Mr. Card Game.

Mr. Card Game is half deck-building, half tableau management and 100% Kingdom of Loathing character builder. No pasted on themes here, this game reeks of ripe Kingdome-y goodness (sorry about the smell). 
And, just as important, Mr. Card Game is downright fun to play. We’re KoL fans and, like you, for years we’ve wished there was a fun tabletop way to play KoL with a group of friends out here in the real world. The gameplay of Mr. Card Game reflects this commitment to the Kingdom and that warm squishy and sometimes smooshy feeling we all get while playing it.
Find out more at the Kickstarter page!




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