Fantasy Flight Previews the Underground Rules for Operation Hades

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Fantasy Flight Games will soon be releasing Operation Hades, a campaign book for Dust: Warfare.  Once again, they give us a bit of a preview of what to expect.

From their site…

Recently, we announced the upcoming release of Operation “Hades,” the next campaign expansion for Dust Tactics, which introduces the deadly subterranean struggles of the “Rats’ War.”

Setting the Stage

The term “RattenKrieg” was first used to describe the bitter fighting that took place beneath the city of Stalingrad, where invading Axis forces descended into the sewer system in order to move about the city unimpeded. When the Soviets realized this, they sent their own troops underground to stop the invaders. This marked the beginning of the RattenKrieg, or “Rats’ War.” Beneath the streets, the dark, confined metro lines and narrow sewer tunnels became a hellish battlefield, unlike any before seen in the history of warfare. The claustrophobic environment was perfect for traps and ambushes, and every squad knew that death could be waiting for them around the next corner.

The RattenKrieg may have been born in Stalingrad, but this terrible new form of warfare reached its apex beneath the city of Zverograd. The Axis realized the city’s sewers and metro system provided a route into the city, along which their soldiers could find protection from enemy sniper fire and the dreaded SSU artillery barrages. But the Soviets had not forgotten the lessons they had learned in Stalingrad… and this time they were prepared.

It wasn’t long before the Allies, too, realized the strategic importance of Zverograd’s subterranean warfare. Not only were the battles for the city’s subterranean corridors ultimately impacting the control of valuable lines of movement, but the Allies’ knew their arsenal of powerful close-range weaponry—shotguns, flamethrowers, grenades—would prove extremely effective in the cramped tunnels beneath Zverograd.

The players have arrived. The stage is set. The drama can now begin.

A New Kind of Hell in Operation “Hades”

Operation “Hades” introduces new rules for underground fighting, as well as two new kinds of tiles, each of which comes with their own, specialized terrain rules. When fighting underground, forces have to deal with rules for dim lighting, low ceilings, and limited deployment.

No matter what type of terrain your soldiers contest, there is very little light beneath the city of Zverograd. Units can hear enemies coming, but they are hard to make out in the darkness. Accordingly, units gain cover from each other, depending how many spaces there are between them. When the distance between an attacking and defending unit grows too great, the darkness swallows the defending unit completely, and it simply cannot be targeted.

There’s  quite a bit more of this article, with pictures, at the Fantasy Flight website!



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