Dad’s Gaming Addiction Posts Best Games of 2012 – I think

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dad’s Gaming Addiction is a blog in which he talks about playing board games with his three children.  To help prepare for the upcoming Christmas shopping for parents and teachers, they list their favorite games from 2012.  Or , more specifically…

My regular readers know by now that I include the kids in my board game reviews whenever I can.  While it is true that they help me to see the games I review in a different light, they also provide you parents out there with ideas for that next birthday gift (or what have you).  Most important of all, I include them because we enjoy the process of playing and reviewing games together. 

 So, what are the DGA Awards?  Put simply, they are awards that honor games that we felt were a cut above the rest.  It should be noted that we only chose from the games that we own and actually played in 2012…still, choosing from over a hundred games was no easy task. 

Why am I doing the awards in September / October, you ask?  Well, I decided to help out my fellow parents by giving them time to review these lists, do the research, and order what they liked in time for the Christmas holiday season…something a lot of us celebrate here in the States toward the end of the year.


Check out his site to see which games won, and also to see a listing of educational games, and why he considers them to be educational.  Oh, and pictures!



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