Caffeine Forge Reviews Mars Needs Mechanics

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Caffeine Forge takes a look at Mars Needs Mechanics in a review at their blog.  From the review…

Though perhaps not for everyone, this game falls well inside the Euro Game spectrum with its lovely art, crunchy rule set, emergent behavior, and interesting theme. Continue past the break, and I’ll let you in on all the juicy details.

Though not always immediately recognizable as economic in nature, the clever titles that fill this field on Euro Game shelves are legion. Whether you are buying fuel in Power Grid, real estate in the above mentioned Acquire, building a house in Stone age or a very different one in Alhambra the same mechanics are there in each case – buy low and sell high. That is exactly what the designers at Nevermore Games want you to do in their new title; Mars Needs Mechanics. In this game it’s 1873 and the British Royal Academy of Space Exploration has just announced a mission to colonize Mars. As one of the worlds foremost steam mechanics you’ve been invited to compete for a spot on the HMS Victoria VII.

Though I encourage you to go to the project’s page, and watch their excellent game play demo, the game play boils down to a few basic mechanics. You buy parts, and either resell sets of them when the price gets higher or use them to turn create devices that give you some kind of mechanical benefit. The privilege of first player rotates around the table smoothly at the start of each new round, and the game ends when you run out of cards in the draw pile or no one buys any new cards. Victory is determined by cogs, the game’s currency – whoever has the most, wins.

Mechanically it looks sound, and the videos demonstrating the mechanics are well done and informative. I can’t speak to the balance or depth of the game as I have not played it, but it looks straight forward, and I don’t think that there will be any surprises in that regard. Though there are some mechanics and points of strategy that allow you to interfere with other players strategies, there is no way to ‘attack’ another player, which I appreciate.

Read the rest of it here, and check out the Kickstarter page for Mars Needs Mechanics if you’re interested!



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