Village Review at the Examiner

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Skip Maloney writes a review of the popular game Village at the Examiner.  From the review…

Well, I don’t know about this ‘soulless Euro’ stuff. Not sure exactly what it means, and it appears likely that it could mean various things to various people, much the same way that the existence of a human ‘soul’ (or lack of) can mean various things to various people. I do know that out there on the Geek, the same game that can draw a low rating and a JASE comment can often be rated very high by others. There are two basic, but by no means exclusive factions at work among those who frequent the BoardGameGeek site; those who champion the cause of Euro games (of which Village is only one of hundreds) and those who battle for what’s called “Ameritrash;” generally, though not always, games that embrace a high degree of randomness (employ dice), and some level of ‘combat’ or direct confrontation between players (Twilight Imperium and any number of battle-simulation war games come to mind).

The debate rages on out there, with some participants belittling the taste of others, which is annoying from either side of the Euro vs. Ameritrash fence. Village, which has been rated a total of 1,523 times, and has an average rating of 7.75, is a definitive Euro, and as such, draws criticism from the Ameritrash camp, like the contributor who rated it at 3.5, and actually described it as “just another soulless Euro.” By the same token, eight people rated it at 10, including one contributor, who called it a “fantastic modern euro, top of its genre.” Go figure.

I liked it, in spite of being trounced, which, as usual, for me, spurs further exploration and a determination to get better at it. The “cube pushing” doesn’t bother me at all. It’s part of the process. It’s like cutting your meat at the dinner table. I’m not enamored of that process, either, but I wouldn’t use it as a reason to condemn steak.

Read the rest of the review here!



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