Stone Age Coming to the iOS

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the press release…

Campfire Creations, a mobile gaming company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, released a screenshot last week of its first title, the modern Eurogame hit Stone Age. Campfire is aiming for a late 2012 release date on iPhone and iPod Touch. 
Campfire focuses on crafting an interface from the ground up rather than a literal interpretation of the physical boards, cards, and playing pieces of the physical game. Co-founder Chris Schwass: “Our first priority is building a game that allows for intuitive, seamless play.  You’ll see some changes from the original game that are, in our opinion, easier to understand and play on a new device.  We’re keeping the spirit of the original game but reimagining it for a new platform.”
Stone Age for iOS will include all original art and music, full asynchronous multiplayer functionality through Apple’s Game Center, and a robust AI to compete against in solo play. The initial release will be available on iPhone and iPod Touch, but Campfire plans to upgrade the app to universal/iPad early next year.  The app is in a closed beta, but potential testers can sign up on their website: 
“Campfire is committed to creating the best possible tabletop experience on your device.  We’re excited for this opportunity to bring our vision to a global audience,” said co-founder John Meindersee.
Find more at the website here!



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