Playdek’s Nightfall: Martial Law Released for iOS

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the press release…

Carlsbad, CA – Playdek, a leading mobile video game publisher, and Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) announced today that Martial Law, the first in-app expansion to the popular horror themed Nightfall iOS game, is now available!  Nightfall: Martial Law will sell for $1.99 and to celebrate the launch, the original Nightfall iOS will again be offered at $.99, in a one week sale.

In Martial Law, darkness reigns and chaos threatens. Humanity looks to impose order, but can they control creatures that defy logic? New characters, new actions and new color chain combinations make Nightfall: Martial Law a brand new twist on the horror-themed, deck building game, Nightfall. A new “Feed” mechanic that let’s players get more use from their orders and a brand new “Wound” effect that lets a player increase the strength of a Minion makes the Martial Law expansion a must-have addition to the Nightfall game.

“Due to the great success we’ve had with Nightfall, we are excited to introduce an expansion pack for fans,” said Joel Goodman, CEO, Playdek. “The new additions in Nightfall: Martial Lawgive players the opportunity to surprise opponents as they vie to come out as victor in the end.”

Martial Law provides new Game Center Achievements (, if users are logged into a Game Center account and new unlockable Promo cards.

A free update to Nightfall is required in order to purchase the Nightfall: Martial Law expansion. To purchase Nightfall for iOS visit iTunes. To see images, technical requirements and more information on Nightfall: Martial Law, please visit Playdek’s web site.



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