MafiaDollar Reviewed at Meople’s Magazine

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Kai at Meople’s Magazine takes a look at the new game MafiaDollar.  From his review…

It’s Prohibition time, and everyone knows that there is no better way to boost alcohol profits than to make it illegal. So go out into the streets and profit, the money’s just lying around waiting to be picked up by someone who doesn’t consider laws to be mandatory. In other words, someone like you, at least in Heiko Weyen’s first and Kompass Spiele’s second game MafiaDollar.

Just like you’d expect in a Prohibition era game, everything is about booze and hookers, with a side-order of tobacco and gambling. That’s the four areas of “business” you can get involved in, represented by four piles of loot cards in the middle of the table. You start out as the head of an organization that can’t even be called a gang for lack of gangsters. All you have is a warehouse in a seedy part of town and, with some luck, at least one gangster wanting to join your budding empire of crime. MafiaDollar is a classic card game and your turn starts in the same way it has started in thousands of other games before: you draw a card from the pile, and then you play a card from your hand. A slight difference to the usual draw-and-play rule set is that any loot card you draw immediately goes to the appropriate pile in the center of the table and you draw another card to replace it.

However, the game only really starts after you played your first Gangster card. Once you have a gangster in play, you can perform gangster actions as a third step on your turn. All gangsters start out in your Hideout, the play area directly in front of you. The only action a gangster in your Hideout can take is to go out in the Street – you push the card forward – in preparation of future crimes. Al Capone’s Pro Tip: commit crimes outside your own Hideout, not inside. The number of actions you may perform is the number of Gangsters or Warehouses you own, whichever is lower. But no Gangster may ever perform two actions on one turn, so your boys have to stay out in the streets for at least one round before they come back with money for you.

Read the rest of it here!



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