Bruno Faidutti Talks Steampunk and Games

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Bruno Faidutti is well known across geekdom as a popular game designer, known for games such as Citadels and Mission: Red Planet.  In his blog today he talks about the theme of Mission: Red Planet – Steam, and how Steampunk is worked into games.

An excerpt from his blog…

The action of two of the games I designed, Mission : Red Planet and Red November,  is supposed take place in the fantasy and uchrony setting known as Steampunk. Steampunk is, in its most popular victorian version, a world in which the science of the industrial revolution, steam engines, Zeppelins and mechanical computers, have been developed to fabulous level, allowing for example to the conquest and colonization of Mars by the British and German Empire using  gigantic ether or steam propelled spaceships. Steampunk is a fantasy setting, but it’s also, and may be even more, an mechanical, rusty and smelly esthetic.

The prototype of Mission: Red Planet was simply called Mars, and was more realistic hard science-fiction. Red November’s one was called Save the Kursk and was dark and somewhat tasteless humor. The steampunk setting, and the associated graphic style heavy on red, brown and grey and dull of gears and pipes, was in both cases decided by the publisher, first Asmodée then Fantasy Flight. Steampunk games have become quite common these last years, and some of them, like Planet Steam, Wiraqocha and Sky Traders, are masterpieces. Even games which have little or nothing to do with the Steampunk universe sometimes borrow elements from its graphic style, for example with the bronze mechanical time wheels in Evo and Thebes, which look like piece from giant mechanical watches. In the end, steampunk is probably more a graphic style than a fantasy setting – steampunk texts talk of iron, but on the pictures, this iron always looks more like bronze or copper. If Full Metal Planet were less blue, if Funkenschlag were less green, and if both were more rusty brown, they would be steampunk games.

Click here to read the rest of his blog. (scroll down to get to the English).



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