Korea Boardgames Contest for New Designs

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Korea Boardgames is probably the largest importer of foreign games to the Korean Market, such as Agricola, Carcassonne, etc.  They are running a contest, and wanted me to tell folks about it outside of Korea, as everyone is eligible to win the prizes.

From their press release…

Hello Everyone!

We here at Korea Boardgames would like to announce our new game design contest.

The contest is aimed at both Korean and international game authors, so we hope there will be some people interested in this, over here. 

Important Files&Links:

Official Contest Announcement on our blog (Korean)

The Contest-Overview as a pdf (English):

Author Information Sheet (English doc-file):


2012 KBG Game Design Challenge
I. Topic Card Games

II. Jury Criteria

– Elegance (Easy rules that still provide interesting and engaging gameplay)
– Technical excellence (Well-rounded rules without loopholes or imbalances)
– High replay value
– Originality

III. Entry Conditions

– Both new and experienced authors may participate
– Only one game per author
– Only original, unpublished games 
– No games that have been entered into other contests or submitted to a publisher
– Only games that mainly use cards 
– A limited amount of other components is allowed 
– The complete game must fit into a 127x170x55mm box

IV. Required Submission Content

– Complete rules (.pdf or .doc)
– 1-2 Pictures of the game in progress
– Game description (not more than one A4-page)
– Author Information Sheet with (scanned) signature
– Prototype (only if selected for the final round)

V. Prizes

1. Place: 1000$
2. Place: 400$
3. Place: 200$ 

Excellent games that also fit our market requirements will be considered for publication at Korea Boardgames including a contract offer according to industry standards.

VI. Jury and Selection Process

– The Jury will consist of the Korea Boardgames Editorial Team. 
– Jury decisions are final and there is no right of appeal
– No reason for elimination from the contest will be given 

VII. Other Rules

– The rights to the games remain with the authors at all times.
– KBG is not to be held liable for any unsolicited mailings
– Entries that don’t fulfill the requirements outlined in section 3 of these rules will be disqualified
– In case of fraud by participants, KBG reserves the right to withdraw or reclaim prizes as appropriate
– Employees of KBG may not participate
– Submissions should be sent to: simon@koreaboardgames.com 

VIII. Timeline

Phase 1: (9/18 – 10/14) Concept Submission
– 9/18 Start of Submission Period 
– 10/10 End of Submission Period
– 10/14 Announcement of finalists 

Phase 2: (10/14 – 11/7) Final Selection
– 10/14 – 10/22 Finalists send their prototypes (KBG will cover postage)
– 11/7 Winners are announced

from GameSalute.com http://www.GameSalute.com/korea-boardgames-contest-for-new-designs/


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