APE Games Announces Expansion for Rolling Freight

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the APE website

The first expansion for our Rolling Freight rail game will be a board, with India on one side and Great Britain on the other.

A prototype of the India map is shown here.

Improvements get cheaper in later phases of the game. Players only pay the A box costs during the A phase, and the A/B cost during phases A and B.

Caravan lanes (dark lines on the map) are well-established lanes that are already built at the start of the game. Players pay 1 generic dice per link to cross caravan lanes.

Players can move TO the locations to The West and The Far East, but they may not move THROUGH them.

Art will start soon on this map and the Great Britain map (to be featured in a future post).

Here’s a prototype look at the map.

from GameSalute.com http://www.GameSalute.com/ape-games-announces-expansion-for-rolling-freight/


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