Portal Announces Neuroshima Tactics

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the Portal website…

30 years ago, civilization as we know it was blasted to smithereens. Later we learned what happened – that it was the rebellion of machines, but back then it was pure chaos. Bombs vanquished cities and factories, architecture and culture, science and social etiquette. In the radioactive pyres, raging pandemics and chemical assaults an immense number of good people lost their lives. On the other hand, the nuclear holocaust also marks an end to taxes, school exams and insurance brokers, so there were some perks to all this mess.

Neuroshima Tactics is a dynamic skirmish wargame with immense tactical possibilities. It’s a stealth shooter, with a side of twisted postapo. Although it’s also full of fun, those are the three adjectives that define it.

Sneaking. Shooting. Neuroshima. Are you in?


In the new reality, humanity has encountered an opponent like no other before. It’s name is Moloch – a great condominium of machines, expanding its territory and control year after year. Along with it appeared the mutants, the horrid abominations, a result of dreadful experiments. The Wastes swarm with beasts, but that’s not the only danger waiting for a careless wanderer. And when you take a look at the ruthless gangs or violent soldiers supposedly providing protection for the settlers, you can’t help but think that despite all what happened, the worst plague of humanity are humans themselves.

This is the first choice you will have to make while playing NS Tactics. You’ll lead a one-of-a-kind faction, with it’s unique perks, which will serve to build your dominance. Of course, the faction also has some downsides, which your enemies will try to take advantage of. So, read up and make your choice.

You can then check out the website for very detailed information on each of the factions.  For example, here’s a bit on the Outpost faction.

The Outpost is the last stand of humanity against the Moloch. They are brave soldiers, holding out the prevalent forces of machines, fighting to the last bullet to destroy the gigantic robots trampling the ashes of our civilization. The Outpost has access to the remaining military bases with pre-war equipment and weaponry. Among their ranks are the last surviving officers, battle-hardened veterans of the last war. The Moving City is a place, where even the most worthless scum is turned into a soldier. The Outpost has significant firepower, and their spec-ops are expert soldiers, giving you a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Outpost Squad units

Light Infantry

Soldiers? You take a dude right from the wastes, he doesn’t need knowledge, just guts and will to fight. So, you take this guy, give him a few instructions, a gun and send him out to the frontlines, promising some gambels as an incentive. It’s the Light Infantry most of the vets started out. In the beginning they’re just a bunch of rascals, the only difference is they know which side of the rifle is for shooting. Later, they change squads to more elite divisions. However, no matter where they came from, each and every soldier in the Infantry knows the first and basic principle of a soldier, who wants to live to see tomorrow. It’s a very simple rule: “Stick to Covers, dude.”

Find out more at the Portal webpage.  The Neuroshima universe has been a big favorite of fans, brought out in Portal’s board games such as Neuroshima Hex, 51st State, and Convoy.

from GameSalute.com http://www.GameSalute.com/portal-announces-neuroshima-tactics/


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