Two Reviews of Urbania

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Eric Teo  has written a review of the new Mayfair building game Urbania.

Here’s an excerpt of the review – click here to read the whole thing.

“Urbania is a game that a few people has said reminded them of Ticket to Ride. This is indeed true as there are several mechanisms that are very similar. In a way, you can say this is Mayfair’s version of Ticket to Ride with a different theme. Which parts are like Ticket to Ride? Well, for one thing, picking up the cards which will give you resources behaves similar. The resources are what you need to be able to refurnish buildings (using helmets) and hiring specialists (using coins). Buildings gives you a one time number of points while hiring specialists will provide you with points at the end of your turn. Urbania also has project cards which behave like Destination tickets although in Urbania you can only commit 3 project cards and the earlier you commit, the less points you are deducted. The game ends when at least 3 specialists have a value of 5 and above OR one district has 2 or less buildings left to refurnish. The player with the most points (after revealing the committed project cards) wins the game. Its a light weight game that will appeal to families and casual gamers. I am going to break the game down further:

The Good
1) Easy to pick up. Since its very similar to Ticket to Ride, its easy to learn and play and great for the family.
2) Good components.Good quality and vibrant colors. The board had a slight warping though but its not a big issue.
3) Helpful symbols. There are symbols and building shapes on the cards and the building tiles to help you decipher which cards belong to which buildings. I guess this will be helpful for the color blind.”

There’s also a review up at the Dice Tower.



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