Preview of AEG’s Nightfall: Crimson Siege

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the Nightfall website…

Introducing the new expansion for the Nightfall deck building game – Crimson Siege!

This set takes us to the final stronghold in Europe where humanity makes its last stand at the Vatican. Some familiar faces return to help the weary souls as they fortify the city and await the hordes of ghouls to come.

Over the upcoming weeks we will show you several sneak peaks into the set. Look for an interview with David Gregg, the designer of the game, as well as some insights into the art direction for the set. Along with these, we will will also be giving you previews of the cards that make up Nightfall: Crimson Siege, so make sure to check back often and visit our Facebook page at and remember to ‘Like’, Share, and Comment on our posts!

One of the most exciting things about this new set is the new ‘Summoning’ mechanic. It’s an exciting and new way for minions to interact with the game, and since this is David Gregg’s favorite mechanical addition to the game so far, and so we will save any more details for his interview article later this month!

We kick our previews with the first card containing the Summon mechanic – Volpe Volante!

Do you not see the card here?  That’s because you need to head over to AEG’s site to check it out.



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