Games Workshop Announces Set Release Dates

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

In an email sent to retailers, Games Workshop has announced that they will be implementing street dates for all of their new releases as well as their magazine White Dwarf this week.  From now on all their new products will be released at 12:01 AM Saturday, and any accounts that violate this policy will likely not be able to get new releases for six months until they’ve been out for 30 days.  Games Workshop has threatened to suspend accounts that break this policy.

Dan Yarrington has often said in the past that game companies need to coordinate when their games hit the shelves, so that there is no confusion when you can purchase a given game.  This may be the first step in that direction.

Games Workshop says “We are implementing these street dates to drive enthusiastic, excited hobbyists into your brick and mortar store(s). We look forward to helping you capitalize on this excitement.”

Find more about Games Workshop and their products here.



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