Games with Two Reviews Star Trek Catan

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Star Trek Catan is now available for purchase from Mayfair Games and at Targets around the country.

Games with Two reviews the game, and here’s a tidbit from their review…

“Star Trek Catan has some nice components. The spaceships and outpost are really cool. They all stand on clear plastic stands to give the illusion of floating in space. The outposts and space bases are cool too; and in order to upgrade, you put a disc on top to make it a space base. I liked this as it feels more like an upgrade than just a replacement. The cards are all of good quality. The artwork is pretty basic. The plants and resources are pretty bland. The character cards are original artwork, which I think is better than old photos from the show. One of the problems with the components is the border that holds the tiles in place. Mine fit a little tight and like in my regular Catan set, it did not lay completely flat. I hope this is something that is fixed soon in Catan games. The simple solution is using a thicker stock for these pieces. Finally, the insert for the box is a tight fit. The insert is obviously for the standard Catan game, and it’s difficult to fit all the pieces in the box. I think most people are going to just throw this out (as you will do with most Mayfair games). Finally, the price on this is listed at $55. That’s $13 more than the MSRP of $42 for the standard game. The game is also only available at Target stores.So, you pay more for the game and you cannot support your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS).

The fact that this game is not at FLGSs is a big negative for me. A large part of the gaming hobby is supporting the local stores, and if that is not possible, at least the online game stores. However, with Target having exclusive selling rights neither of these are possible. I get that Mayfair is probably getting a nice deal for going exclusive with Target, but in the end it seems that they are alienating their market. I guess, in the end, we will see if this move pays off for one of the largest hobby game companies.”

Find the rest of the review here – and keep an eye out tomorrow for a video review that has an opposite viewpoint!



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