Josh Edwards Reviews Gipf

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

There are quite a few games coming out every day, and it’s nice to step back and take a look at older ones, especially those that are considered classics.  Josh, at his blog Board Game Reviews by Josh, takes a look at Gipf, which spawned a whole series of abstract games.  From his review…

The first thing that I like about Gipf is that it is not your normal in-a-row game. There are a lot of spatial reasoning games that are all about getting a set of pieces in a row. Many of them are even very fun games that I enjoy playing. However, I like that Gipf freshens this up by using the in-a-row system to add depth to its gameplay. Gipf is not about getting pieces in a row. It is about capturing pieces. Because of this, and the fact that when you do achieve an in-a-row you get to remove the pieces, the game is more of a game of spatial reasoning tug-of-war than an “oh, I missed that and instantly lost” kind of game.

The next thing that I like about Gipf is the pushing mechanic. Every place on the board has at least two directions that it can be pushed from. This means that there is not a place that is “safe”. Any move that I make can be countered by my opponent, which is amazing. In addition, the fact that pieces are removed causes there to be gaps in between pieces, which adds to the strategy of the game. You may be setting up your opponent to lose his Gipf piece. However, he can push it one space and get it outside of the line that you were setting up for him. What’s more, if he is able to complete your line, then suddenly you don’t even have any pieces near his Gipf. Unfortunately, there are two edges of this strategy – sometimes your Gipf piece is in danger, and it is in the middle of the board with no other pieces adjacent to it.  And, thus, you cannot move it in a single turn – thereby having no way to protect it.

Read the rest of his review at the blog here.



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