Aloha: the Spirit of Hawaii on Kickstarter

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Blue Panther Games is known for their abstract games, usually produced with laser-cut wood.  They also produce some nice Dice Towers (just sayin’!).  Now they’ve put up a new project on Kickstarter – Aloha: the Spirit of Hawaii.  From the page…

Aloha:  The Spirit of Hawaii is the story of Hawaii from the Polynesian migrations all the way through its journey to US statehood in 1950.  Unlike some games out there, Aloha is a game where the theme  and the mechanics of play really tie together.   You will guide your Pure Hawaiians, emigrating and settling in the Prologue.  In the three main chapters of the game, you will migrate from island to island, vying for control of the islands and their resources such as commerce, aloha and people.  You will be able to play event cards based on the history of the islands, and you will elect chiefs and kings and a even a queen.    Between chapters you will score victory points and generate the actions necessary for success in the next chapter.   In the Epilogue, all of your planning will come to fruition as you try to become elected governor, the most valuable position in the game.

The game takes 10-15 minutes to learn, and 60-90 minutes to play.  It is recommended for ages 10 and higher.   It plays well for 2,3 or 4 players due to the scaling of the scoring – to keep all the games tight and fast paced.   The theme is inviting and a great experience for hobby gamers and those just getting into euro-style games.

The funds from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to market and to make the game out of quality components.  The more money we raise, the better the quality will become.

Blue Panther LLC is an American company.  Norv and Brad Brooks are the designers of the game.  And I, Steve Jones, am publishing it through our company, Blue Panther LLC.   We have been making games and high quality components for our games, and our customers since 2006.   We manufacture many of our own game components from raw materials made in the USA.  We source locally what we cannot make ourselves.  That means just about every component in Aloha: The Spirit of Hawaii will be made in the USA.

This is what allows us to get the game out so quickly to you.    No long wait!   Support  Aloha: The Spirit of Hawaii and get your game before the holiday season!  Makes a great present too!

Aloha: The Spirit of Hawaii is our most ambitious project to date – and we’d like your help to turn this great game design into a great game that you can share with your family and friends.

See lots of pictures of the game, along with more information, on the Kickstarter page.



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