The Hobbit: on the Doorstep Announced by Fantasy Flight Games

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the press release…Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Hobbit: On the Doorstep, the second half of the epic The Hobbit Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game!

As a Saga Expansion, The Hobbit: On the Doorstep faithfully retraces the half-sized footsteps of Bilbo Baggins, Middle-earth’s most famous burglar. Three new scenarios invite you to relive the thrilling adventures that lead Bilbo, Thorin, and Company to the end of their amazing journey. Equipped with his magic ring, Bilbo helps the Dwarves through the perilous forests of Mirkwood, burgles treasures from under a dragon’s nose, and struggles to restore peace during the Battle of Five Armies.

The Lucky Number

“I have chosen Mr Baggins and that ought to be enough for all of you. If I say he is a Burglar, a Burglar he is, or will be when the time comes. There is a lot more in him than you guess, and a deal more than he has any idea of himself.”
–Gandalf addressing Thorin and Company, The Hobbit

The Hobbit: On the Doorstep picks up immediately after the events of The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill, and players will find a new version of Bilbo Baggins (On the Doorstep, 1) that arrives more experienced, having gotten a few adventures under his belt. Four additional heroes allow players greater deck-building options, as do six new treasure cards and thirty-six new player cards (three copies each of thirteen different cards).

The Bilbo Baggins included in The Hobbit: On the Doorstep comes with a special set of rules and belongs to a unique sphere of influence, the Baggins sphere, denoted by a new symbol. Just as Thorin and his companions came to rely on the wit and courage of the unlikely hero, players will need Bilbo’s help to defeat each the expansion’s new scenarios. Bilbo falls under the control of the first player each turn, and his resources not only allow him to play cards from the Baggins sphere (as well as neutral cards), but they can prove helpful throughout the scenarios in the numerous situations where they can be spent for unique, beneficial effects.

Find more information at the website!



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