TF Verlagg Announces Essen Release

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

From their press release…

In the 22nd century, White Ranium from the far away Panajay system has become one of the most important resources for mankind.  The material is a catalyst that enables many new innovating production processes.
In this pre-TF22 setting (, long before the actual cargovessels leave for planet GH-328, both players are captains competing to maximize the loading capacity of Robot Combat Units (RCU‘s) on their respective spaceships.   The RCU’s are supposed to assure the future protection of the Mineral Collecting Units (MCU‘s) on GH-328.

The aim of this battle card game is to optimally load RCU containers on your spaceship in order to secure container majorities and by doing so scoring the most points at the end of the 3 gamerounds.

See more at the website (not much English, however).



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