Tribond and Chronology Have New Publishers

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

What’s it like when a game moves from one publisher to another?  In wake of the recent news blurb about Fundex, I found the story from The Game Aisle very intersting.  Here’s an excerpt…

Obviously Tim is thrilled to see his game at a new company and often that’s because the new manufacturer is excited to launch a well-known game that’s new to their line.  When a game’s been with the same company for a long time it’s possible (although it’s definitely not always the case) that it’s not getting the attention it deserves in regards to PR and packaging redesigns, so freshness can be breathed into a classic game when a new company prepares to launch it.  In the case of TriBond, its packaging has returned to a slightly-updated version of the classic 1990s cover and the game board has been omitted and this version has 400 cards and 2,000 questions, whereas most editions of TriBond in the past, including the original, had only 1,200 “Threezers.”

The last time we saw Chronology it was with Fundex, and given the recent financial woes of Fundex it’s not a surprise that we see Chronology popping up at another company.  Buffalo Games has not only updated its packaging but did so in a way that it cleverly captures more shelf space than other skinny box games.  The new game box is smaller than the old box, but with the 3 colors they can be placed on the shelf side by side and taking up 3x the amount of real estate, so despite being in a skinny box it has less of a chance of being overlooked.

Read the rest of the article here, and see what it’s like for a game to switch publishers.



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