Little Metal Dog # 45 – Hordes and Awards

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized



From the podcast description…

While every episode of The Little Metal Dog Show is special, this one has an extra sprinkling of diamonds on top of an already tasty serving. First of all, Jonny Roberts joins me to talk about Organised Play in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game as well as the forthcoming Nationals tournament. Following on from that, I’m honoured to welcome the Daddy of Deckbuilding, Donald X Vaccarino. Probably best known as the creator of Dominion (amongst so many more games), he’s a two time winner of the coveted Spiel des Jahres, including this year for the rather charming Kingdom Builder. We cover his better known titles – of course – as well as other games like Nefarious and the upcoming Gauntlet of Fools.

Find the podcast here, and listen to Mr. Vaccarino talk about his games!



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