Revisiting Magic: the Gathering at the A.V. Club

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

This wasn’t exactly the first place I’d go to find an article about Magic: the Gathering, but what an interesting article!  In it, the author talks about his childhood playing Magic, then about him returning to the game for a draft tournament later on.

An excerpt…

I played Magic for a little more than five years, from seventh grade through the beginning of my junior year of high school. Which meant that for those five years, I spent a great deal of time building decks meant to play against others, but mostly road-tested against myself, alone in my room. I managed to find a group of guys who also played, and we got together every day at school during our free period to play, trade, and talk about the new rules the company Wizards Of The Coast was implementing. I was socially awkward, so these guys became my friends by default, united around a shared obsession with a game that already attracted those prone to obsession.

We’d play for hours while a) actively avoiding drugs or girls, and b) making stupid jokes, one of which sticks with me even to this day. See, in Magic, your creatures “tap” when they attack, meaning you rotate them 90 degrees and they become unavailable to defend when your opponent attacks. I had this card called a Serra Angel, though, a particularly well-known card that doesn’t tap when it attacks. One day I quipped, “That Serra Angel is pretty hot… but you can’t tap that.” Uproarious!

My obsession showed no signs of abating as the years went on. When I wasn’t getting the cards I wanted by buying stray packs, I took to buying entire cases. There was a suggested amount of money associated with each card, dictated by some WOTC-sponsored magazine I remember consulting, but the cards’ value went beyond that. They became important because I wanted them to be. While winning was the social currency I collected at the time, having an impressive collection was a close second.

It’s really a very good article – go here to read the rest!



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