Pretty Sneaky, Sis Takes a Look at Heroes of Metro City

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Heroes of Metro City is currently a superhero card game on Kickstarter, and the good folk at the blog Pretty Sneaky, Sis have played it and tell us all about it!

An excerpt from the overview…

My oldest memory of seeing anything even remotely “superhero” related takes me back to watching Underdog cartoons when I was four. Underdog became my conditioned criterion from which I would judge all things heroic from that day forward. Superpowers? Check. Costume? Check. Fan-babe canine love interest? Check. Speaks only in rhyme? Absolutely, all the time. Hidden compartment in his jewelry where he stashes his drugs? Chec… Hey, wait a minute!… No one even seemed to notice that he was a shoe-shining talking dog. For me, the lasting connection was with the obvious: his name. To this day, I am always rooting for the underdog. When he triumphs, there is hope for us all.

What better marriage of superheroes and underdogs than “Heroes of Metro City,” a Kickstarter campaign in its last week (they have until Saturday, September 15) to reach a $48,000.00 goal. This past week, the local chapter of Pretty Sneaky, Sis, (Joe and I), sat down with HoMC co-creator, David Boostrom, of 3some Games, Inc., to talk shop, superheroes and play some cards. David is a life-long game player, and from a very young age loved the superhero genre. With HoMC, he “designed a game for his 13 year old self,” in that the game mixes elements of role-playing, board and card games, all neatly balanced, then packaged into a “semi-cooperative” deck-builder.

To see the rest of the review, go here – and if you’re interested in kickstarting the game, that’s here.


  1. stuthomas says:

    Thanks for the notice! It is a good game, and I hope we can get some support for this project here in the home stretch!


    • No problem, we are happy to help any way we can. I hope you have a successful Kickstarter campaign! This post was also posted to our Twitter and Facebook pages. I hope this gives you the publicity you need. Good luck!

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